Feedback/Request: Randomly apply favourited items per match

There’s a lot of different armour pieces, armour and weapons coatings, stances etc. that I love in this game, and I constantly find myself spending time in the customization menu always changing and tweaking my spartan because one time I feel like looking one way, the next I feel like looking another way.

So to save myself time and probably some more people’s time, I would like a feature that randomly applies items you’ve marked as favourites everytime you join a game.
Alternatively, let us save presets and then randomly apply said presets every game.
However, seeing how this could cause issues for other players who simply just favourite items for quick access, an even further alternative to this could be a more easily accessible customization menu that also lets you apply changes while waiting for your match to launch, this way you could quickly open the menu with your presets and apply a preset of your choosing.

idk, I just think it would be a nice QoL change.

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Yeah I love stuff like that. Or you make a few armours, save them and can randomise them for the game.

Other games have sets you can save where you can randomise them instead of just random items as you may like shoulder pads but not with certain helmets etc etc.

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