Feedback regarding the multiplayer


I wanted to share some thoughts regarding the game after playing the beta, thigs I find would make the game more enjoyable or affect the experience otherwise in a positive way. I’m playing the PC version.

Settings / optimization:

  • Allow skip intro video from in-game settings, so that people don’t need to manually delete the intro files to skip them.
  • Allow higher (free to set?) minimum fps setting also from in-game options. Current maximum is 120 from in-game settings, but from config files you can insert what ever you want. Many would like to set min/max according to the monitor maximum, for example 144, 165, or even 240fps.
  • Even with high FPS, the input / response time feels a little delayed. Nvidia Reflex would be really welcome addition. Currently the best way to make this better is to set low input lag on from Nvidia / AMD settings.
  • Implement the latest version of Nvidia DLSS, for higher FPS and smoother gameplay

Matchmaking / game:

  • Let us play the modes we want to play. Playing something you don’t enjoy, doesn’t feel like time well spent at all. This also creates some frustration around the challenges, that force you to complete tasks in certain game mode, that you can’t choose…
  • Get the premade party in the same squad on big team battle. I don’t know why at least we have been placed randomly in separated squads when trying to play the big team battle with friends, every time.
  • Don’t start 4vs4 ranked games with 1 player missing from either team. If somebody drops before the start, find a replacement. When I played my original first 10 ranked games to get the rank, I was missing 4th player from the start in 2 games of those 10. The winner of those games was determined before they started, they were complete waste of everybody’s time.
  • Additional steps should be done, to make sure people are not leaving the games. Letting them choose what they want to play in the first place would be good start. But there could be more.
  • Pressing tab in the game shows the scoreboard with score, kills / deaths etc. Why not show the stats for everybody after the game? I think this should be presented at the end of the round as well. Team points and player points. Now when the match ends, you can find the scoreboard from searching under the end game tabs, but it’s not even the same. It’s missing score, kills / deaths. There is basically no way to check the finals scores when the match ends.
  • Among many others, I too would want to see the xp gaining from playing the game and getting score, instead of just the challenges. Maybe have also meaningful rewards for the free players in the pass as well, currently there is pretty much just challenge swaps. Why you swap challenges, if you can’t get basically anything from the pass :slight_smile:

Overall I think this has been a really pleasant surprise. I hope the game will develop to be even better in the future.

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I could’ve swore you can see kills deaths. You have to hit next page with the ] key or something on PC, but I press “Next Page” manually in the bottom left corner. On consoles I think it’s using your right stick left/right to move through the scoreboard. I think it is missing score though.

Oh yes. It is actually possible to see the kills / deaths and a lot more by scrolling to next pages. That was a bit difficult to find. Even still, I think the score is missing, and players are organized at least seemingly random way. Score should be first, players organized by score from top to bottom. Additional info pages are no problem, if the most important ones can be easily found, preferably from the first page. And again, the results could be shown at the end of the match, with out needing to scroll through different tabs and pages.

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Yes I agree with all of this. It doesn’t make sense why it isn’t already that way…

Coming back to the development topics after some months. I think the most acute things to develop at the moment are:

  • Ability to reconnect games (ranked especially!)
  • Squad visibility. Inviting people to your squad and seeing who actually is in, feels really buggy and delayed, at least in steam version. I am never quite sure who is in, and who is not. It should be too hard to implement a squad toolbar that clearly shows the current squad members, and that would simply work.

Nice to have:

  • Show player ranked rank (if it exists) in scoreboard and squad members toolbar. This would kind of help you understand what level of players you are playing with, and also provide a way to “show off” you progression. Currently you cant see other players ranks any where, or not easily at least.
  • Ranked level based seasonal rewards, some nice cosmetics or perhaps even some ingame currency based on how high you are ranked after the season ends. Also, it would be nice to know what you can get beforehand.

Personal opinion:

  • Ball control game mode is too long, with best of 3 rounds. Just 1 round would be enough, or make the rounds shorter. If the game goes to 3rd round, it starts to feel like it never ends…
  • I still wish I could skip the intro video every time I start the game
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