Feedback organization

I was reading a couple of topics when I realize how difficult it is to follow every feedback people bring here. I think we need a more organised way to give feedbacks. How 343i can make good changes in the game if people continue to adding new ideas and more often, opposite ideas without any type of organization. People who don’t fully understand Halo and its competitive core will never accept this game as it is, and people that want a new Halo 2 will never stop to complain about it. I think we need to explain what is the goal of this game e what is the philosophy behind it, so we can avoid people complainig about “no more loadouts” we need to make it clear that no more loadouts is a good thing if the game is intended to be COMPETITIVE. The same thing is valid in the opposite way, those who don’t want ADS for example, we need to make them know that is not exatcly like the ADS, it’s just a different animation and it won’t change the gameplay in any way, casual gamers don’t even know it, they don’t care about it. What I’m trying to say is that we need to make everything VERY clear so people don’t come up with something that doesn’t really matter because the game is not intended to be that way.

(Sorry for my English, I hope it’s understandable :smiley: )