Feedback on Weapon/Gameplay Balancing and other tweaks

So I’ve played the multiplayer for a while since it came out, and I’m finding it to have this weird love-hate relationship. Like first off, whatever happened to input-based matchmaking or turning crossplay on and off like MCC? input-based matchmaking made matches in MCC feel more fair because everyone would be using the same type of input. On Infinite, you cannot really go into a game with a controller half the time because even at 10 sensitivity it feels slow and you’ll most likely get screwed up by someone on Mouse and Keyboard. Second off, weapons… now the biggest mentions on my mind are the BR and VK78 Commando. They both feel severely underwhelming and weak compared to the rest of the weapons and they don’t feel fun to use at all (didn’t have this issue during the insider flight). The damage for both of these weapons is lackluster and you’re better off with the power weapons or almost anything else. The bloom with the VK78 makes it especially harder to get kills with aswell. Overall, some of the weapons need a bit tweaking and the player base should get an option for input-based matchmaking and turning crossplay on and off like it was in MCC. That’s all.