Feedback on the Guardians Beta

Hi there,

I think Halo 5 is going to be great! After Halo 4’s crap multiplayer and all the bugs of MCC this beta has restored my faith in 343i.

There are a few things I dislike or think should be added though.

  1. The kill cam should be optional, I realise it’s buggy and unpolished being a beta but I’d still much rather just to have my camera on my dead body spectating what the grenade I through just before dying did and how my team mates are going for the few seconds. Like previous Halo.

  2. When you’re sprinting and reach velocity mode (or whatever it’s called) then jump and hover using your scope there should be momentum in that hover but there’s none. Instead of gliding for a short while you just come to a stand still, it really breaks the feel of the games movement.

  3. I’m guessing the armour custimisation is limited due to being in beta. But just in case: It’s ludicrous if they don’t allow us custimise our Spartan’s at least equal to that of Halo 4.

One of the biggest downs to MCC is it’s spartan custimisation. It is absolutely terrible. You can’t even see what the different colours look like in the menu. Anyway this is about Halo 5.

I personally think these are quite large what I would call game breakers. A bit of an overstatement I know.

Let me know what your think.