Feedback on Serial Narrative

haha must be.

The real question is when that moment comes, will it come with PVE? Like obviously they can’t move away from the academy or destroy it or anything without breaking the PVP multiplayer lore.

All on point, particularly what you said about the Sequel trilogy.

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Oh no, we let Brute Uka Uka from Crash Banooka raid our only servers!!!

jokes aside that wouldnt be surprising.


Okay, just read the Canon Fodder article and apparently yes the state of the Galaxy is meant to pose unanswered questions. Bit surreal there but okay. :smile:

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I don’t want it to connect to the campaign. I haven’t played it, I don’t want to be spoiled.
But even then, I don’t really want a multiplayer story at all. It overcomplicates the multiplayer. But if they want to do that, fine. I like a side-stories. Why not? If I’m buying the campaign separate, I want a separate experience. So having the MP take a side-story set in Halo is fine. Just fine. Not great.

But man, the lack of a writing director shows. The character writing just isn’t good. Well, technically there barely is any yet. The Banished AI looks cool! But the new commander is too happy-go-lucky for me. Too much youth-camp chaperone, not enough military commander. But in Season 1 she walked that line a little better (in what little we got at least)

If they get around to firefight/warzone that would be a cool way to integrate story. Maybe even COD Zombies style eastereggs. (though easier because I was never good enough to complete them) Or maybe set community goals like “community has to captrue X many points, or lose X many lives in LSS total!” like Doom’s Slayer’s club goals. and the game shifts if the goal is or isn’t met.

The serialized stories are interesting and have loads of potential, but in their current form the writing isn’t there, and the game itself doesn’t have much to do with it. Just “play the game and wait for the next cutscene” Which doesn’t make me want to play the game more.

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PvE =/ Campaign

It could be a set of missions you play with a different story happening alongside what’s happening in the Campaign. MP doesn’t need to meet the Chief, period.

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You know this is an idea basically as old as the franchise right?


I completely agree, there honestly isn’t any excuse for this game to not have some sort of PvE mode for this event/in general. It’s insane to me that 343 keeps failing. H4 having a decent thing with spartan ops and then just never showing us that again is mind-numbingly painful. I like the idea of a narrative event. But some suit thought that wasn’t in the player base’s best interests or something.


Halo infinite is to the campaign what agents of shield is to the MCU lol

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The way i understood is that that cutscene is just an intro into some new gamemode based on the idea that we need to trap the AI somewhere to lock it out.

Im thinking it will be some sort of firefight or even something like Halo 5 MP mode that i forgot its name where we had multiple bosses.

I also think i bugged into the season pass somewhow yesterday when I loaded the game. It had 31 levels and one of the items was the Yoroi belt sword. Some other items looked familiar, most slots never loaded propey… i have no idea how i got to that season pass, i cant find it anymore.

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Looks like you found the “Moochers of Reach” bug:

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Sure, there have been headhunters… sure, Noble Six was referred to as a Lone Wolf, as was Linda, but to be codified as a concept in the universe? The idea seems to just be that because of the war against the banished, a lot of Spartans are trapped behind enemy lines. So why would they be officially referred to as Lone Wolves?

It’s just cringey. It didn’t feel cringey when it was headhunters, and it didn’t feel cringey when Carter said “leave that lone wolf stuff behind” or when the final mission of Reach was named Lone Wolf, but it feels cringey as all hell the way they’re using it now.

Don’t forget Nylund - Fall of Reach started the whole wolfpack analogy for Spartans.

I think the distinction between the Lone Wolves and Spartans stuck without their teams is the intention to work without a traditional Spartan fireteam, or with no team. Given this intentional abandonment of the “pack”, the officialization of a distinction between the two seems appropriate IMO.

As for cringe factor - I think that’s an assessment everyone will have to make on their own, and I expect the playerbase will run the whole spectrum lol

Yes, the wolfpack analogy, but not a codified group of Spartans referred to as “Lone Wolves.” As I said, it’s just cringey.

The way that they describe it in the lore doesn’t imply to me that it is an intentional abandonment of the pack.

Perhaps abandonment isn’t the right word, but my basis is from the “Lone Wolves” description in the Waypoint post covering the S2 theme’s origins:


By “theme” we mean a core idea that guides the creation of much, but not all, of a Season’s content. Lone Wolf Spartans are hunters. Trackers. They’re resourceful improvisers, operating deep in enemy territory without resupply or support. They’re fierce, rugged, and prefer to work alone—but they’re still loyal to the Spartan pack.

The idea being that Lone Wolf Spartans intentionally operate without other Spartans most of the time, thus differentiating them from stranded Spartans.

I skipped it within 10 seconds when she started talking and i could tell how dumb it was gonna be

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Maybe its because of the lighter tone of Infinite in contrast to previous entries with the charecterisations? plus the headhunters were basically Spartan 3’s on suicide missions

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I mean, the first two “Lone Wolves” we meet, come in… together?

I just don’t think the idea is very well though out, and I really feel like it’s not a well flushed out idea. It feels pretty half baked, and certainly quite cheesy/cringey.


I think the thing that made it cheesy to me isn’t the idea of independent solo spartans but how annoying Commander Agryna was in the cutscene(s). She’s all skipper and buddy-buddy with the player and combined with how off her model looks in the cutscene I was like “Why the hell are you talking to me?”

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for a leader/trainer she does lack the charisma of one, will say.

but hopefully she could get more to chew on later on, as right now its very casual stuff given the circumstances.

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I hope she does get some more presence and serious stuff later on. Funny enough, it seemed like a Spartan was basically in some kind of AI coma, (which is probably a pretty serious issue) but she’s all chipper to the player like “Lol, you’re the bait!” and I was just kind of shocked.