Feedback on possible exploits.

I would normally give feedback after playing in the Beta, but as there is no Beta I thought I would do feedback of possible exploit ideas after seeing as many Halo 4 videos as possible.

Ordinance streaks:
As ordinance streaks are based on medals certain actions could boost your streak at double the rate, combining medals giving from AA’s and special weapons medals such as EMP could change a kill from 10+ of medal worth to 20+, here is an example;

Any kill in any fashion gives +10 (headshot, grenade, body kill), then also get the killing blow while in active camo AA gives +5 medal, and using a PP to EMP shields would give another +5, totalling +20 for the kill.
It may not seem like much but this could make a huge difference to who gets the first ordinance drop and something like quick rockets could be devastating.

Loadouts and game type restrictions:
As loadouts are fully customisable how can they restrict what can be used in what game type?
Mass regen in oddball camping, active camo sniping in BTB, Jetpacks in asymmetrical 1-flag or 1-bomb aka cheating the map, and maybe even mass sentry drones in defence? (If the last one works it would be hilarious).
In reach some AA were taking out of game types for these sort of reasons, if they do restrict certain AAs and you choose a restricted AA loadout do you have no AA? Could be very annoying if you forget at the start.

I will add more on a later date but feel free to add you own. A massive exploit at the start of a games release can crush its playable life time, so I want Halo 4 to be as good as it can be on release with out a Beta (omg why no Beta :< . oh well)

See you all on the 6/11!