Feedback on Multiplayer Launch Thoughts

Ok, so how do I start this . . .


I kinda wish the start of the new MP would have started with mandatory on boarding with a narrative. Something like:

“Welcome to the UNSC Spartan. Here you will be on boarding through a series of necessary training sessions for the fight to come . . .”

Followed up by tutorials on Spartan Customizations, Weapons Bench, Vehicles and other Settings then weapon range training with bots.

Personal A.I, the reasoning behind why the MP is necessary training in relevance to the in coming story etc, etc. Something to make you feel like “You” are important and necessary in this fight…

I don’t feel like MP is important as a Spartan. My immersion hasn’t activated yet to make all the UNSC advertisements you’ve shown of Spartans doing the “SIR! YES, SIR!” stuff in the spirit of active duty relevant to how the MP is being played.

Of course, I set my expectations low and expected nothing to go my way but damn, those ADs you put out were pretty convincing.

All in all, I feel like when the MP dropped I was just thrown into MP fights and advertisements of the store took the spotlight . . .

As for the MP, you have more than enough feedback about BP exp, Customization limitations, BTB Vehicular play, weak weapons, radar, etc etc so Im not going to beat a dead horse over the head.

But what happened to all that inspiration in your presentation?

All those cutscenes and ads but nothing to immerse me into playing the MP and why its important?

Is it just so simple that you tell me to press start and hop into a match and start shooting things immediately? That’s it???

Look, im not bashing the game. You see all that inspiration when you see the xbox games studios and 343i logos right before you get to the start screen right?

Where is that in the MP?

Am I blind?

Sure, I had fun playing BTB and Social but damn…

I look at the MP trailer and don’t feel that hype when playing.

I don’t feel that inspiration.

Surely you saved it for campaign im sure but the MP is forgettable.

Not because I don’t care but It feels either too fimilar because It’s Halo, we all know it like the back of our hand or there isn’t enough spark for me to really go to my friends like:

“Yo . . . guys you HAVE to see this. Im blown away . . .”

No problem with its familiarity but I need more PogChamp moments. So far, I haven’t had any so far.

Last time I had a crazy pog moment was when I played “The Ascent” on game pass . . . The Cyber Punk we should have gotten.

Not to compare because its 2 different games but man . . .

I need more inspiration. A little more 343i . . .

Make me feel like im important as a Spartan. Make the store important and not just a cash cow.

Make the narrative tie into the MP.

Im not disappointed after what I have seen so far because I see the potential here.

Its an Ok start but that’s all it is in reality. Its just Ok to me.

Im not thinking about Halo when im not playing it and I want to be.

This is Halo . . . and im not eager to jump back into MP although I played it for a decent amount of time with old clan mates.

I just don’t know what to say.

I guess I can sum it up as, its just not a big enough game atm in its MP. Its 2021 almost 2022.

We should be seeing 30 vs 30 Enhanced BTB. Playable Elites and Banished characters, Clan Support etc. All the things ya know?

But no. Ranked 4v4 BR starts, No Radar for hours and BTB that doesn’t compare to Warzone in H5.

Some enjoy what we have now and thats fine. Fun is the most important factor but I can’t call this game Fun. It’s just too familiar and nothing I do in game feels important at this time.

I cant even equip black and red colors off the rip with hopes to unlock the warmaster armor I have been wearing since H4 but no. I went ahead and bought the G2 HCS skin and dont plan on changing that armor for a long while simply because of my favorite colors. (Ex-Sith Lords Dark Councilman)

Im gonna try and work with this battle pass you have created.

I hate it but its worth a try . . .

Happy Anniversary Everyone.