Feedback on maps

Left 4 Dead 3
( Not all are done )
Part 1: The Run: Get to the last Military Camp in the area fast! ( Weapons :slight_smile: ).
Part 2: Swimming Lessons: Fight threw a sunken base to get to the one of the last Outposts on the Island .
Part 3: Forest Lord: Coming Soon…
Part 4: The Hold Out: Coming Soon…

A military island " Arch Rival " has not been responding to over 150 calls by the military. You and your team are sent there to investigate, But your Falcon crashes! so you have to fight your way to the LAST resort to escape the Island a little Falcon, but in the process of doing so you’ll be eventually Left 4 Dead.

How To Play ( Optional )

  • There is a Hill Marker on each Map, Zombies you have to stop the Humans before the time goes out unless they’ll be able to proceed to the next part of Left 4 Dead 3 ( To spice it up ( If you want to ) you can start a private party ( Example 5 Square Members ) if 1 of them die they DO NOT go in the next Part, They stay a Zombie.( The maps are just divided, i had to because i had no space :frowning: also play them in order its extremely important unless it won’t feel fun… )

Hope you like the first 2 Maps, they might not be the best but its just for fun :).

P.S: You can change the gametype some but it has to be Alpha Zombies.