Feedback on infinite

I held my tongue for a bit to get a feel for the game, from the last few weeks of playing the multiplayer. I’ve enjoyed the game genuinely I happy we have something fresh but I do have a couple things I want to raise,

The Gunplay:
Most weapons are fine but I’ve noticed;
the commando is quite inconsistent the recoil is fine but there is enough ammo in a clip to drop a shield or to get body shot kills,

The gravity hammer, my biggest gripe is why can’t we boost our selves into the air with it or bouncing our enemies away it was one of the things that defined the gravity hammer from previous titles, it would make griffball very annoying to play as some of the craziest wins in that mode came from boosting your friends with the ball to the goal.

The grenades, they are either good, too good or just duds, also why did you remove grenade jumping that was a fun to get into niche spots,

Pulse Carbine, the most inconsistent gun I’ve ever used i feel like there’s a tracking issue or something but it feels like I’m barely hitting anything,

The energy sword, this a cosmetic esc thing but please bring back the whitish trancelucent colouring,
Melee, it’s fine but it doesn’t seem right that you can virtually trade with someone by meleeing them while they melee you. It just personally feels weird.

Now the maps are beautiful but the spawns are all over the place and can lead to spawn trapping,

Please restore the one hit melee with the objective based modes where your holding a flag, skull or bomb.

Please separate the game modes from the playlists in the multiplayer it’s very annoying when trying to do challenges.

Cosmetics and the store: I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said,

Same thing as the battlepass^

Custom games is busted it’s not saving custom game types.

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