Feedback On Halo 4 Matchmaking

Halo 4’s multiplayer. But their only a few changes that i think should be made.

Dmr - The dmr’s rate of fire is a little to fast. I have been killed many times at close range, because someone was able to quickly load my body with shots and finish me with a head shot.

Boltshot - I understand what the boltshot is ment to be. A pistol that allows someone who is in a bad situation to kill their pursuer in one shot, but its range should be lowered to melee range, because its range is longer than a shotguns at the moment. I have also noticed that a charged shot can be fired before the reticle fills completely up, but this will not be an issue as long as the range is reduced.

Perks - Some of the perks in halo 4 make game mechanics that balance the game useless. An example is the stability mod that makes the user not flinch, when being shot at. Another one allows someone to still be able to see their radar while scoped.

Weapon spawning - I understand that random weapon spawning was implemented to prevent camping, but people have already started to camp using ACTIVE CAMO and ORDINANCE, so i do not think that this would be a problem.

It would be better to just show where everything is, but keep the spawn locations the same, or maybe show the locations at the beginning of the match and then let the player use their memory to find the spawns.

Ordinance - this works well. As long as the weapons are balanced the people who are good will earn their ordinance, while players who are slow at getting kills and medals will be able to get weapons from spawns.

That is all that i have to say. Everyone is welcomed to comment and make their on suggestions.