Feedback on Customization and Sandbox

So I already sent my issues through the support site so as for bugs I won’t mention them but I did want to mention the factor of common critisism under a different forum so it didn’t get lost in others’ ideas. Lets start with the Sandbox since that is less of a nitpick:

Weapon Sandbox

The Sandbox feels limited, what I mean is that in every match I play I see very little variation in the weapons that spawn when they appear that they should vary from match to match. With that in mind plus the critisisms of those who got to play the campaign early, such as HiddenXperia, I feel for Season 2, since its unlikely by launch it’ll happen, the sandbox should be expanded. In turn I’ll mostly go over previous weapons I feel should return but given the smaller sandbox intended I’ll suggest reworks that can possibly occur.

The Prometheans weren’t that loved, especially in Halo 5, but I still feel they have potential if reworked to where the ones we fought were the ones of Ur-Didact’s or the Librarian’s sect as they were sort of introduced to be guardians of the Didact’s tomb. The reason why I bring them up is because I feel the rings, especially Zeta Halo could use a different kind of Promethean to justify their weapons being back, being justified as Faber’s sect of them. The idea I have mainly is involving the Suppressor and Light Rifle, the latter specifically fitting in as is due to its unique nature from Halo 4 of being a sort of binary system of a triangular shot and a DMR-like shot. The Suppressor meanwhile I feel could be changed for Infinite if it were to be added, being similar to the Hydra in change of fire-modes, going from full auto to a firing mode similar to the charged Boltshot but only can fire in that mode three times before reload which would be slower in that mode. These are just a couple of ideas for reusing Promethean weapons in a way where they would fit more with the classic style and how they could rework with the readjusted design.

Beyond Prometheans Forerunner weapons in general would make sense for Zeta Halo as it was apart of the original 12 array, so it would have likely had more Prometheans readily avalible to serve at the ring before being killed by the Flood. For that idea I suggest things the Sandbox kind of lacks, being a Grenade launcher or something to fill a similar role to another weapon just to add variation.

Speaking of the Grenade Launcher, going to the UNSC, it is the most fleshed out part of the Sandbox but there are simply two voids in the sandbox to me, being the Grenade Launcher and DMR. The two weapons introduced in Reach have almost always stuck around with the Grenade Launcher just being missing in Halo 4 but that had the void filled by the full array of Promethean weapons to distract, but the Grenade Launcher adds a specific level of complexity to the Sandbox to where it can make it even more fun for the game to be played even when you start to get bored with it. In contrast the DMR is a sort of familiarity, having its aspect of being simililar to the Battle Rifle being its whole gimmick, being a single shot. To me atleast the DMR’s closest parallel in feel is the Hydra weirdly enough, I say that because to me the BR always felt like a more long range equivalent to the AR like in Halo 2, so it worked well with the BR when they both featured in Halo 4 and 5, just adding to a different play style you can have in MP and Campaign. Beyond those, all I can say is possibly the SMG but I’ll save my ideas for that until I play the campaign because my ideas for some of those weapons would tie into story based ideas due to most weapons the UNSC has are older and mostly seen in ExU material.

The Banished weapons though, if my idea of the Season 2 delay is right in adding customizable Elites is true then there is plenty of reason to add weapons there, but I have ideas for other things while on the topic that would fit better with the Banished. First being the factor of Brute Weapons being limited, we barely see any in Multiplayer and from Campaign footage so far there also seems to be a lack of them so easy answer, Brute Shot and Spiker. The Brute Shot would easily fit the Grenade Launcer issue and could be a grandious return, meanwhile the Spiker could be toned slightly, still being like an Assualt Rifle, but having its main focus being its bashing, possibly adding certain objects being able to be Broken such as the vents on Aquarius to get to that blocked area you can see through them. Beyond Brute weapons, the Banished Sniper being the Stalker Rifle is kind of odd for me to see as its feel is something new, being a sort of inbetween the Carbine and the Light Rifle when scoped, its an odd but pleasant combination, all I suggest is the return of the Beam Rifle or addition of the Bloodfuel Rifle from Halo Wars 2. Also Fuel Rod Gun not being present has to be an odd choice to me as it has been in every Halo Game like the SPNKR except when the SPNKR wasn’t in 5.

Either way I don’t believe they would be able to be there by Launch as ita already fun to play infinite, but I am just saying its Sandbox is just fairly limited and me and others in the community would love to see expansion to it so the game can continue to flourish into Season 2.


Alright now time to get to get to something I think actually has a slight problem. I know the Multiplayer is Free to Play but due to how it has been set, there are issues i have with how the store and customization is set up that make me sad to see and believe I would have to stick with MCC for what I play Halo Multiplayer for.

Starting with the Store, having armor pieces locked behind paywalls is cheap feeling, I am fine with buying a battle pass to get certain armor pieces but paying about ten dollars for a bundle with armor exclusive to it seems somewhat tedious persay. In contrast you have weapon skins, emblems, and other items to boot that are more specialized beyond armor and colors. What I suggest is, when the current big item rolls out of the store it gets added to the Battle pass and items like character kits get put in the store as that kind of thing hasn’t been in Halo before and I believe many would be fine with getting as close as possible and settling for that but may want to get the kits still. Skins and emblems I believe fit in the store same with big sponsor items like the Esports stuff which I am not really interested in but do find it cool.

Jumping over to a bigger issue I have is Coatings, I mainly jump into multiplayer to unlock armor so I can go into theater and take pictures of OCs I make through said armor such as my personal favorite OC of mine being Robin B216.

(Since Waypoint since this update won’t allow me to post links or upload pictures at all, just let it be known that my Spartan, Robin, is a CQB based Spartan in Reach using the Gold and Seafoam color pallet.)

My favorite character I created for myself for fun, I can’t take pictures of her, partially due to the CQB we saw not being here yet, but mostly due to how Coatings work. I have an idea to fix it but it primarily involves the idea of more customized coatings being limited. What I suggest is having the colors be unlockable outside the base cadet colors plus some varriation of those colors like slightly darker or lighter, any color that is specialized color fillers like camo, patterns, and oddities like chrome would be in how coatings work right now. Colors would stay as a Battle Pass thing or some other way to unlock while coatings would be spread through the battle pass and store, with store varriations have armor pieces in the battle pass to go with them as a sort of alternative unlock.

As for how that Color customization would work would be an autoplacement in game depending on that hexagonal system while for more in depth would be through Waypoint since you can customize through waypoint too. The Waypoint customization would let you chose the placement of the colors set, possibly if a nonpaying way to get credits gets added you can change placement using like 10 credits. Coatings meanwhile for those specialty items like Camo meanwhile would be as it is now, just going away from personal colors into these different variations of color. If this new system were to be added, writers like me who make their own personal stories of fan fiction placed in the Halo Universe can have better visualization of what their Spartans look like, and possibly in the future, their Elites and maybe Brutes if Playable Brutes were to be a thing.


Well if anyone from 343 reads this thank you for hearing my critisism, and no matter who you are, I hope you have a good day, you deserve a good day atleast every once in a while.

Sorry for being the one to reply first on my own topic, but another thing, the weapon chain things and the emblems, those in the Battle Pass seem kind of odd especially when considering the MCC has a better way of handling that kind of customization being that emblems are usually tied to achievements or are tied to log in days. All I suggest there to allow armors to be in the battle pass is to place the weapon keychains in the store or be ultimate challenge items like Visors while the emblems get tied to achievements, challenges, log in dates, or again the store. Miniscule items like Skins, emblems, keychains, and some bigger items like the kits would fit perfectly in the store and they would be nonintrusive because they are things some people care about but wouldn’t interfere and discourage people from playing due to things being locked behind a paywall basically. For example if CQB is locked behind a paywall, I likely won’t play Multiplayer often, just being a once a week or longer bcause i would have less drive to get things because there are little amounts of items I actually want to get from the battle pass and i would rather not pay ten to twenty dollars just for armor and a colors. Infinite is fun but Coatings as a whole ordeal and armor being only in the store as store exclusive items is truely a problem for me as someone who primarily uses multiplayer just to take screenshots of characters I make with the game which sucks as Halo Infinite has an amazing multiplayer, just hindered by the small sandbox and the customization for your spartan having exclusive items to a store.

This is just my two cents but I feel this may become a common issue as time goes on because of how this system is done, Honestly seeing twenty dollars for the “Legendary” armor bundle alone is making me wish there was a lootbox system due to customization being a core part of Halo unlike games like Apex Legends or other games that have this same kind of store set up.