Feedback on current update

First of all I really like the shop changes if something comes round I might be more tempted to buy it. I also love that big team battle is fixed can’t wait to play. Can we please get a discussion challenges I know they had a change already but I really do hate being forced to play certain mode I don’t enjoy. Please can we get challenges that are play, win, kill, assist with objectives of 1,5,10,15,20,50.

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BTB wont be fixed until tomorrow according to the latest update. but I agree these are good changes this week.

Shop prices are honestly still terrible. They mostly reduced the prices of the epic ($10-20) bundles by 40-50% and kept the daily bundles the same.

Until armor core restrictions are removed and we can earn Credits through gameplay to spend in the store, these items will still continue to be overpriced.

I am loving the new game type! Lots of fun and fresh new take on the action! For the game type that it is, I feel Behemoth should be removed from the list. The best supporting reason is that it has long lines of sight across the map and great distances between cover. This feature of the map makes it difficult to revive allies, which is the big difference between this game type and slayer as they can die in the open leaving the enemy team to easily kill you if you leave your cover to revive. The other maps are tighter making it safer to revive allies and earn a comeback, which is what that game type is built to do. Please consider this change to better support the game type.

Getting tired of getting banned because I can’t connect to a BTB match.