Feedback on color outlines/shields

I personally like that there is a deeper level of customization by abandoning the red vs blue color scheme. I was never a fan of investing in designing your character and choosing a color scheme just to have it be a basic red or blue during a match, it became very redundant that’s why I like that it actually shows off your customization now, it just adds another level to the gameplay that removes repetition. As far as the implementation of the outlines goes though, I think there should be better visual cues that reflect your opponent’s shield level. Currently it’s very hard to determine when you’ve dropped someone’s shields, I know there is a hit marker for when shields go down, but a better visual cue would be perfect. Also the way the overshield is portrayed needs a bit of work, it’s just kinda hard when you’re moving around and thinking about a thousand things at once to determine if someone has an overshield or not, visually there isn’t much difference from the regular player outline vs the overshield. But that’s pretty much all I got, this game is awesome and I can’t wait to do more flights!

Lets remove red and blue. But in game lets make it so your team is outlined blue and the other team outlined red. Literally makes no sense, should have just kept red vs blue.

Disliked it a lot. You can’t even see what the other enemy is because it’s just a big red light in your face. Should just have blips over your teammates, or just leave a light color highlighting on your teammates, and leave the rest untouched. Then the other enemies would still be obviously not friendly without it being too intrusive. Also, you can’t hide in the corner of a back room, or have people slightly miss shots because… again… big bright red outline. Messes with gameplay. Too much on the eyes. Less is more, people.

Agreed. It makes total sense too. Customization of your teams Shields. I set my teams outlines/shields to green and enemy team red.

Master chief does not see colors. He only sees the battlefield. In war there is no such thing. In Master chiefs eyes all of his enemies are the same color.

I agree that visual feedback on enemy shields needs to be improved. In past games, I can tell at a glance if an enemy is 2-3 shots away from losing their shields just from the intensity of the glow on their shields. Infinite just shows (kinda) that you hit them on a specific body part, which personally I don’t find very useful.
I’d also like a toggle for shield color being linked to radar blips, or an option to have regular gold shields on every player.

Honestly I’m fine with the outline system. it never bothered me during the flight. Although I’m not a fan of how the outline color affected enemy shields. The red just didn’t pop as much as the classic yellow ones did.

I hate the setup. I expect red v blue in team multiplayer matches when I play halo. It makes it easy to spot friend/foe in a way that wasn’t as clear in the flight that just happened. Red v Blue is just what Halo is. Changing it to sell armor colors as a micro transaction makes me sad. I don’t like it at all.

If any members of the design team read this, I’m begging you to please keep Halo as Red v Blue. It’s not too late.

Embarrassing to say but I shot the heck out of teammates on multiple occasions who came out around a corner towards me in my face and I couldn’t see their outline, really. I had the outline setting turned up to max as well to help signify friend from foe.

I think it has to be either a team color for the armor (which isn’t too obscured by the shield) or allow player specific armor but then have team color shields. If the latter, the shields would have to give off a constant faint glow to be easily able to tell enemy team from friendly team. The outline is horrible - looks like a cartoon. A glow/aura is the way to go.

I’m not liking the outlines on enemies. It makes them stand out too much in your peripheral vision. It makes the game a little too easy. I know they want a large playerbase, and accessibility is a major factor in that, but there are better ways to make the game better for new and less skilled players. Increased aim assist, and slightly increased TTK via reduced effective weapon accuracy/range/damage, are better ways to make a game more accessible without lighting up all possible targets like a Christmas Tree.

Slower TTK makes it so you have a tiny bit more time to figure out where you’re being shot from, so you can react appropriately. This is arguably Halo’s strongest and most welcoming gameplay element. And it’s not like the slower TTK in past games made it so better players were worse, they just had to know when they should not open fire on an enemy. Not shooting and exposing your location, and instead waiting for a better opportunity to kill someone, is the sort of gameplay that Halo has been very lacking since the Bungie games. The 343 games have somewhat abandoned this, but that actually makes Halo more casual in a way. The Bungie method required more thinking, because you were less assured of a kill if you shot an enemy at the wrong time. Lower TTK is much more forgiving to people in a bad way, whereas higher TTK can be punishing to people who are trigger happy.

Halo Infinite is looking good, but the thinking game from older Halo games isn’t quite there yet. Even if the outlies stay on enemies, the weapon sandbox needs changes.

I really think a simple fix would be to only apply the outline to your allies. Combined with the service tag/name it can be a lot thinner to facilitate player expression.
This would also fix the problem of being able to spot an enemy just because the outline popped up and would really improve being able to see the shield status on the player again (which is now quite hard effected by the outline).

The move away from RvB is fine for 2 team modes but I still hope they will use team colours in multi team… would be odd to fight against 3 different outlines or have all enemies be the same outline and not being able to see if they are enemies or allies.