Feedback on bots

I’m extremely happy with the addition of bots in custom games and multiplayer. However, there are a couple key features that I think are still missing. First bots should be able to drive vehicles, especially one seated vehicles. I understand that this might be something worth disabling in multiplayer so it doesn’t become frustrating for players looking for more of a PvP experience, but the option should be available in custom games. I know this is not an easy thing to implement and the latest improvement that allowed bots to board vehicles was definitely a good first step.

The other major feature missing is BTB with bots. Another words, allowing us to spawn at least 12, preferably 24, bots in custom games. This should be a feature on Xbox Series X and PC at minimum. I know it was possible to spawn more bots during the beta.

I hope these features can be added in the future and I want to thank 343 for the amazing work that’s already been done with the bots.


I agree with you. I would love 12 or 24 bots. I would love enough bots to at least have fill up a BTB with me and a few friends, as we are not very PvP orientated.

They would be great features to add. I personally love all the work you have put into the bots making them feel more human then what other games have out there and would love to continue making them the best bots ever! hahaha!

Thank you 343 for taking the time to reading through the forums. We appreciate you.


I wholeheartedly agree with this. They should’ve had the bot count at 24. Bots should be able to enter vehicles/emplacements.

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