Feedback: Needler's lack of information on HUD

I think the Needler needs to have more information on the HUD.
Often, I don’t even realize that I’m being turned into a pincushion, and I don’t think that makes much sense.

Also, it’s very difficult to tell exactly how many needles I or an enemy can take or dish out before we die.
With full shields, it seems like a few needles can be too much sometimes and not enough to really do much damage other times, and likewise for enemies.

Some sort of indicator that I and enemies are reaching that point would be nice to have considering that the Needler doesn’t need to completely wipe out shields to kill.


dude the whole as.s game audio is bugged. I can’t even begin to count how many times im getting shot at and im “like wait wtf, from where?” and when i realize im already too low to react to anything so i just give up. But yeah the needler audio feedback is the worst of all, it sound like someone is lightly tapping an empty bowl and by the time you notice you just get supercombined lol.


Yeah, the audio seems worse now.
The Needler used to make a really noticeable noise.

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