Feedback - Missed the mark, again.

I honestly don’t even feel like giving feedback because it’ll just be ignored like most feedback is ignored.

Long time fan blah blah blah, I’ve sunk thousands of hours into halo over the years, mainly CE-Reach. 343 has missed the mark for me every time. I get it’s a business at the end of the day and the end goal is to make money, and that’s the concern.

I’m not giving my criticism based on how much money I think the game will make. It will sell because you have the rights to use Halo, it’ll make money because it’ll be free and use micro transactions etc to make money, there will probably also be some marketing person eventually talk about how it’s gotten more players than more recent games, but leave out the fact that it’ll only happen because the game is free. SURPRISE! People will try your product if you don’t charge for it.

Player engagement and retention will be as bad as 4 and 5 has, why? I’m done playing the beta.
The beta isn’t over, I could play the beta, but why would I? I’d rather play splitgate, or just play halo 2/3/reach.

Even though I believe this is shouting into the void, this is what I would change.

Rename the game and stop using the title Halo, then people won’t be so upset.

Easy fix.

Solid feedback 10/10.

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> Solid feedback 10/10.

I feel like some people in the forums just want a 4k Halo 2 or 3. No room for creativity by the dev team, only update graphics. I get having some negative feedback because there are some flaws, but for the most part Halo Infinite has been fun to play and felt like a return to form for the Halo franchise.

I mean, I’m really struggling to see any feedback in here besides “I didn’t like playing the small slice of Infinite I did and don’t name it Halo”