Feedback List for Halo Infinites MP

Hi, this is a List of Feedback that i gathered from me personaly and friends on Twitter as well on Discord.

-Seperate gamemodes: RN we can only play a skirmish like playlist with Quickplay without being able to select seperate gamemodes which isn’t any good bc i oftend end up losing matches that are objective based bc everyone is treating it as if it was Slayer/Showdown, so please bring all this playmodes seperate so we can choose what we wanna play ASAP.

-More Modes: I miss modes like SWAT-Slayer, Fiesta and BTB Fiesta would love to see them back.

-Seperate Spartan Progression: i think it ain’t a secret that ppl are bot happy with the current progression system of the game and i think it could be easly fixed if there was a seperate progression for our Spartan Lv where you would be rewared EXP after every played game for it where for the BP you need to do the specific challenges that would balance it out, maybe bring it to 155 and then you can hit prestige abd maybe each level you would get 100 exp and every 10-20 level you would get 200 exp for your Battlepass progression maybe some special coatings and when “prestiging” a special armor piece or so.

-Less RNG based Challenges: it just so happens that as farther you progress in the weekly challenges the more RNG based it gets bc it gives you more “Kill this amount of Spartans in PvP with the [Enter Weapon]”, it can be frustrating and annoying bc you need to be lucky to start a match in the level and also be lucky enaugh for the weapon to appear it took me 1h to get a Bulldog kill bc it didn’t wanna spawn (and bc of some *** teammates that horded the weapons for them self and didn’t give them to me even for one kill so i could complete the challange. So please tweak that alittle, less weapon specific challenges and more like “Get this ammount of headshots in PvP” Complete this ammount of [Game Mode] matches" “Win this ammount of Quick Play”

-Customisation: I see alot of ppl complain about how reach stuff they unlock isnlocked away to a specific armor core and they can’t mix the colors with the armor pieces they want, i also think it all should be available on every core atleast on the main core so we can truly mix things up and make OUR spartan as WE like him//her to be esp if we put time, effort and money (bc of the BP) into it to unlock these pieces so we would also love to combine them as we like it to be.

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100% this. Especially being able to select game modes. That’s an urgently needed request, in my opinion.