Feedback Idea Infinite multiplayer Game Modes

-Old Game Modes import-
•Spartans vs Elites

-New Game Modes
•Spartan vs Brutes

Note: for the ideas bellow vehicles will be readily available not timed drops.

-New Big Team Battle Modes
•Air Assault
This is offenses-defense mode Where the Attacking team spawns in a fortified Airbase (walls,gates,gun towers,turrets ) which will have air vehicles ie banshee,wasp,hornets. Allowing them to access the Defenders Base (walls,gates,gun towers,torrents) but this base will have anti-air vehicles and weapons. The ground corridors will be narrow to keep game play air based but allow on foot infiltration teams to attempt to breach bases.

•Power seed Variant: power seeds power up Automated:MAC cannons, M85 Scythe, M97 Lance playable: mass divers

Same as Air Assault but having large ground corridors with each base having full range of ground vehicles instead of air. Using the bases from the Halo infinite would be an offensive game type.

•Power seed Variant: power seeds power up Automated:MAC cannons playable: mass divers

•Space Assault
Multiplayer version of the Mission “Long Night of Solace”
Ship to ship battles (long/broad sword vs banshees and Seraphs)
Ship Infiltration Variant: defense team has defend a main ship from intruders.

•BTB Air to Air
Same as air assault but with both sides having airbases
With a air based objective.

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