Feedback: I miss vehicles

I’ve played a large amount of big team now and I honestly don’t know if the wraith is in the game. I have seen a scorpion one single time and it was at the gnats end of the game. What’s more is 343 gave the response to feedback that it’s working as intentional. Why neuter the best part of BTB by randomizing and making vehicles scarce?

BTB has always been by far my favorite mode through all the games, but so far I’ve found myself more drawn to 4v4 arena in infinite. I miss vehicles. I miss seeing the heavies roll out at the beginning of matches and players racing for the power weapons to take them out. I miss the dogfights in the skies between banshees and the sly player getting the hijack.

Why break what wasn’t broken? That was and still is a blast. With this many players and weapons now it’s easier than ever to have someone on any given team or more counter a vehicle. So to me it’s a non issues of players getting steamrolled for a long time by a good driver/pilot.

New players should be drawn to the sandbox like I was when I first played CE at my friends house and got into my first scorpion. The vehicles are special and hiding that away is a poor decision in my humble opinion.

Surely there must be a way to add vehicle starts or do a btb classic mode?

Are other people seeing these mythical heavy vehicles that are hidden away in the game files somewhere?

Do people actually enjoy the current vehicle rollout system?


BTB has always been my main mode in Halo and I completely agree with this. Very disappointed to see 343 double down on this new vehicle system even after it got so much negative feedback after the last flight.

Surely there must be a way to add vehicle starts or do a btb classic mode?

If they insist on leaving this new vehicle system unchanged in BTB, then some sort of classic BTB mode is absolutely necessary. I suggest BTB Heavies. It was always popular.

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I ultimately would love a heavies too, but even one with classic spawns would be a big upgrade in my eyes.

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I am defs also not a fan of the Halo 4 random ordinance style Vehicle deployments on the map… I would like there to be a BTB heavies style mode with all vehicles available off the bat, as I kinda miss the thrill you’d have of dealing with gauss hogs, wraiths, scorpions and all those pesky flying ships…



Oh gawd do I miss BTB heavies… that was chaotic fun at its best….

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They talked about the beautiful chaos of btb and I just see a random bore at the moment. I hope heavies is announced sooner than later

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They definitely need to spawn vehicles in more often, especially the power vehicles. Your team should get more than 1 aerial vehicle and more than 1 tank each match, at least 2 of each, maybe 3 for the aerial. More spawns for the Gungoose, Ghost, Chopper, Rocket Hog as well, and Buff a few of the weaker vehicles so they don’t get destroyed, need the electric disabling a bit so vehicles aren’t disabled for quite as long.