Feedback - General MCC

I posted a topic with one of these points, but as I have other issues to provide feedback on, I figured this would be a good place to post constructive feedback for the Master Chief Collection.

Firstly, I’ve noticed that when you destroy your own faction’s vehicles - Covenant for the Arbiter and UNSC for the Chief - it counts as a betrayal. I even had the situation where I killed Flood and Brutes riding Ghosts, and it counted the Ghost kill against me. This would obviously be a hindrance for Campaign Par Score on many missions, and adds a certain sense of confusion to the scoring system. I understand that times are tough for the UNSC - and the Covenant, from a certain perspective - but punishing us for destroying our vehicles?

If this has the possibility to be fixed, I think it would be beneficial as a whole to remove vehicles from the scoring system- as a negative, but entirely if it’s impossible to do so without removing the double-kill system. (Say you kill an Elite in a Banshee, you get a double kill for the whole action). This would aid scoring, making it more possible to get the par score, and would also make it less frustrating to see -50 or -100 for destroying a vacant or enemy-occupied vehicle.

Secondly is something that I noticed with the Multiplayer emblems; namely those for Halo 3. I did notice that in Halo 2, the emblem that we’ve chosen isn’t present. Yet in Halo 3, we’re given a random emblem each individual game it seems. I would greatly enjoy seeing our chosen emblem applied to all three games, if possible (Halo 2, 3, & 4), and wonder if this is possible for the future - potentially with the Championship Bundle being introduced in December?

In Halo 3, I’ve spotted a few of bugs.

  1. In “Crow’s Nest,” the Pelican that deploys after you clear the hangar doesn’t fly off after the soldiers load up.
  2. Again in “Crow’s Nest,” the Arbiter and Johnson sometimes lag behind when their supposed to evacuate from the flight pad (after Johnson flees from the pack of Drones.) Meleeing them usually gets them alerted to the evac, but the inattentiveness might be a scripting issue.
  3. In “The Storm,” one of the Mongeese (prior to the Scarab battle) spawns halfway up the wall.
  4. The Scarab on “The Storm” sometimes stands at odd angles, crouching down in a very uncharacteristic way.

Bug spotted in Halo 4 - “Midnight”: During the final event, when rushing the Didact the prompt reads “Hold [RT] to fire Machine Gun”.