Feedback from an older gamer

So I have played for a couple of days with my son and sadly Infinite is just not for me. Allow me to explain. I spent some time in weapon drills and the majority of the weapons I had a difficult time using in 3 star mode when targets were bobbing and weaving. I chose the mode because it more closely emulates opponents in pvp. If they are that difficult to use in a drill were no one is shooting back how would I ever use them in pvp? I tried BTB and was constantly being out gunned because opponents found better weapons before I did. The game also moves faster than the older versions of Halo so my reactions always felt like I could never get my feet under me… Please don’t misunderstand me I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the game, it just seems like it is tailored for a more select younger age range of player. I have enjoyed the older releases and wish this one all the best.



All about the grind!

I mean I’m 27, but I’ve also consistently played Halo and many FPS since I was about 8. It’s just practice man.

And this game is slightly faster than 3, but not anywhere near as hectic as 5. It’s a good middle ground.


I’m 58 and just tried playing Fiesta on my son’s account because he is out of town and he asked me to try and level up for him. I couldnt get one kill. With the constant cycling of weapons (most just feel ike garbage in my opinion) I ended up leaving before the match was over. I play D2 and am better than average in pvp. I can’t believe the game has changed this much since CE in regards to mechanics and aim. It also seems like players already have aimbot cheats because they are flying through the air and gettting perfect head shots and one hit kills. Faster isn’t always better in gaming but that seems to be the trend. Move fast bull rush your opponent and take them out. It used to feel more like a level playing field where tactics and angles placed you on the leader board. Like I said in the original post its just not for me but I’m glad you all are enjoying it. Happy Thanksgiving, good hunting.

At 58 I play D2 and can hold my own in pvp. My son is out of town visiting family for the holidays and wanted me to help level his account. I tried Fiesta and couldn’t get one kill. I ended up leaving the match it was so bad. Spawn in seconds later gravity hammer or sniper takes me out. Trying to shoot back and the hit registration feels terrible. D2 with its hyrbrid p2p has some issues but this felt like I was shooting at a wall not an opponent. I’m leaving this one for the younger generation just not my game. Happy thanksgiving and good hunting to you.

I struggle too in Fiesta. I’m semi-older (39.1). The only weapon I could succeed well with was BR or Rocket. I used to do well in Fiesta in og H2 and H3, too. I just hide so I don’t feed them kills and lose it. :laughing:

My guy. There is some tuning for aiming needed. THe community at large sees this. Other than that, you just need more playtime and experince. Noone is really great at the game. Its new.

I’m 41 and taking names! At first, I was struggling too, but after I tweeked my settings, I can say that I’m actually better than in previous Halo titles!

I think it all comes to down to mastering the melee system. Get in CQC, they can’t spam their nades that way.

True setting the right controller and stick settings makes a huge difference.