Feedback from a casual player (multiplayer)

First off, I like this Halo. I definitely see myself playing this game at least once a week (which is a lot more than I usually play). Good job devs!

Nevertheless, here’s a short list of things I think could make the game an overall better experience.

  1. Either fix input lag on Xbox One or discontinue Infinite on old gen. I switched from my 2013 Xbox One to Xbox Series S yesterday and the difference is night and day. Input lag is insane on Xbox One.

  2. Revert radar back to classic Halo. The current one is really inconsistent and is more frustrating than it is useful.

  3. Add a crossplay option please. PC is unfair, especially against Xbox One + 20 FPS + input lag.

  4. Make it MUCH more likely for solo players to be matched against other solo players and parties against parties. Keep in mind that a lot of casual players play solo because our social circles do not play video games at all.

  5. Increase the time that weapons can lay on the floor before they disappear.

  6. Increase the spawn time of power weapons. They spawn too frequently IMO.

  7. Make BRs more widely available.


Agreed. More Battle Rifles. Less Commandos.

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Absolutely agree with #5. Too many times I’ll get killed holding a sword or sniper, watch the totally oblivious enemies walk right over it, then by the time I respawn and get to where I was killed, it’s already despawned. So frustrating!

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Does the weapon only stay there during the respawn cooldown?

No, a sniper rifle laying on the battlefield will despawn way before the new sniper spawns.