Feedback for the Armor Coatings

I’ve been playing Halo my whole life, since CE, and I’ve always wished the way we customize the color of our Spartans could be improved and more advanced. I believe the Armor Coating system is a step in the correct direction buuuuut it’s obviously not an ideal system currently.

I would love to see the Armor Coatings become templates for us to use and apply the color of our own choice to the Armor Coating “template”. It would allow for us as the player to truly make our Spartans our very own. The templates would still be Battlepass items but the colors would be fully unlocked already. The rarity system would still work as well, as the rarer Armor Coating templates would have more advanced patterns and allow for more colors to be on the players spartan.

I’m sure someone has posted something similar but I just wanted to voice my idea. Thank you for reading and I hope everyone has enjoyed Infinite so far!!

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