Feedback for Halo

Its hard to tell when an enemy is approaching. Usually I don’t realize it until someone shot a chuck of my health. Overshieldf feels a lil too strong. I wish it didn’t last as long. And melee lunge feels like you have to be super close, which I guess makes it feel inconsistent to me. Maybe I’m used to older halo melee range. The plasma pistol feels like it sucks but maybe its intentional?

Plasma pistol is pretty much useless currently, not really sure what the idea with it currently is because a dynamo grenade far out-performs it.

Melee needing to be super close also make Assassinations feel harder to land.
If you’re fighting someone with a sword and both your shields are down it seems you can’t melee each other to death. So far the person with the sword always wins the melee trade.