Feedback for Halo Infinite

So far playing the gameplay feels alright with some hiccups I’ll assume will be addressed after the game takes in data from the preview.

My feedback falls mainly on the Spartan customization. Ever since Halo had multiplayer we were able to customize our spartan to whatever we want as long as we had the armor we could change the color to whatever we wanted but for halo infinite, now we are pigeon holed into preset color options unlockable with the annoying and terrible CSR system that I have always hated. I am also not a fan of CSR yet again determining the type of armor I get to unlock and wished this would not be the case especially after 343i stated they were going back to “their roots” when creating Halo infinite. I miss the times were completing a challenge or unlocking an achievement gave people certain types of armor; the days of trying to get a 2 for 1 spartan laser or finding all the skulls/completing Bungie’s jump courses which unlocked armor for the person to wear.

I am not completely against preset colors and think they should only be used for weapon types and maybe vehicles (if they are applicable) but when it comes down to being your own individual spartan, please allow me to customize him the way I want instead of pigeon holing me into presets.

Thank you for reading.

you do need to remember that bungie did start the buying the armor bit with halo reach. you had to either become a high enough rank or if i recall correctly had to also complete hardcore challenges in order to unlock some armors. granted in halo reach it was done very well, but thats what feedback is for right? to voice our likes and dislikes and to hopefully make a positive impact on a franchise we love. i will agree that preset armor colors isnt something i like alot, but maybe we can find a way to convince them to have both if we wanted to? have it where you can freely colorize your armor to what you like and maybe make it a preset to share for spartan company purposes?