[Feedback/Discussion] Grappleshot is too floaty

Hello, I wanted to start a discussion on a topic I haven’t seen mentioned in public. So far I think the Grappleshot has been recieved well by the community, and I too think it’s an excellent concept. But the physics of it make so little sense I honestly find it immersion breaking. Especially since neat physics have always had a role in what makes the halo sandbox unique.

Consider the case where a spartan jumps off a high place and wishes to grapple something below me mid fall in. In real life, I’d expect to go swinging Indiana Jones style. Instead my character starts floating and I get pulled near the spot I grappled.

Consider another case: suppose I am standing with my feet firmly planted on the ground. In front of me is a large drop. I see an enemy spartan attempt to jump over this gap. In real life I would expect that if I Grappleshot this player midair while I am standing on the ground, I would expect to pull that player instead of launch myself toward them.

This second situation is especially irritating in the campaign gameplay I have seen. When small enemies like grunts or jackals are grappled, giant masterchief is launched at them like a missile, instead of the relatively light grunts being pulled towards Master Chief.

One final situation: suppose two Spartans jump off of a high place, and one of them grapples the other. In real life I would expect the two of them to be pulled towards each other, ultimately meeting “in the middle”(according to Newton’s third law). Instead the spartan who initiates the grapple launches to the other spartan’s position.

I wanted to start this thread to see if anyone else in the community shared these thoughts with me. I only just got to try out the Grappleshot myself today and didn’t want to start a discussion until I had tried it personally.

Never thought of it this way, but gotta say I agree. Does seem very odd when you put it that way. Overall the physics in Infinite are complete -Yoink-. The -Yoinking!- warthog feels more floaty than a CE ghost, grenades don’t move you, the gravity hammer doesn’t effect gravity, etc.

It’s designed in a way where it’s meant to empower the player with Grappleshot moreso than to follow real life physics. Because most of the time the Grappleshot is used on terrain that is grounded, its intuitive for the player to zoom toward the target location when using Grappleshot. If Grappleshot was a core mechanic, maybe this would make sense, but Grappleshot is a map pickup and is built in similar fashion to other equipment.