FEEDBACK: DEMO Content Update

Hey guys, I like the fact you share a preview for a product. Nowadays not many companies offer this kinda service. But I think you should add multiplayer content to the DEMO of this game. I mean just 1 SP and a survival mission will not show the entire potential this title offers.

Long Long time ago, in a galaxy not far away there was a title, which showed the perfect DEMO of a multiplayer focussed game and was called World in Conflict :smiley:
It offered 1-2 maps for each mode online to get to know the content of the game when it comes to PvP. This would fit perfectly to Halo Wars 2. Of course the demo users should also take part in the matches of the community, so there will not be a split player base.

This 1 map policy could also work for Blitz mode. There it woulda be enough to limit the card Level and / or the amount of daylies / weeklies.

Cheers and continue your great work.