So, I played Infinite for a while today, and I’m pretty impressed with the overall gameplay design; it’s really fun, and a good mix of more classic and more modern gameplay.

That said, I do have some concerns; primarily with the Storefront/Battlepass system, but also with smaller issues.

First, I really wish the cleanup timer for destroyed vehicles/bodies was longer. As it stands, warthogs, ghosts, and presumably others disappear almost instantly. I feel it’s immersion breaking when you die, and your body/hog disappear before you even respawn. I noticed that shade turret debris seem to have a much longer timer, and feel that vehicles should have a similar length before they are cleaned.

Next, player collision. I miss bumping into people; jumping off heads, etc. I’m not going to go huge into depth here, because I already saw a ton of posts from other people beating me to it.

Finally, the micro transaction elements. While I feel Halo actually has the best out of the current combined Battlepass/storefront systems (for example, reducing FoMO by having passes not expire), I feel the overall pricing is very far off, with items largely overvalued in the store. Further, I wish there were opportunities to earn CR in game; perhaps as an incentive for weekly capstone challenges, or as an additional part of the Battlepass. This would likely not cut into profit too heavily; a great many other games do this, even ones with outright predatory monitization like CoD. I feel this would also give players an additional incentive to grind.

I also feel that progression is too slow, but I’ve seen enough posts on here to know you’ve already heard that feedback.

On a lighter, more optimistic note, I noticed several bots with items mixed from various cores. I think expanding this to players would be really cool, and allow us greater expression within the customization system. The same applies to kits; I feel buying a kit should give you the armor, or at least the coating, within. You could sell way more eSports kits if people could pull the coating off them and use it with their own armor (especially sans team emblem).

I also dislike the way coatings and pre-set emblem colors take away from player expression. I understand it’s likely too late for the former, as you guys seemed pretty dead-set on selling color patterns. That said, since you tried a similar system with Halo 5 emblems, and eventually changed it, I’m optimistic that you guys could do the same here, for the emblems at least.

To conclude, I’m going to talk a bit about things I noticed you already changed, and things I’m really impressed with. I noticed that players had far more physics effects on each other than in the flight, with tools like the gravity hammer sending people flying. I also really like the way the Chopper handles; I would say it’s honestly even better than the Halo 3 version, and immensely satisfying when you destroy another vehicle by ramming it. The weapons all handle great as well, and the matches I end up in feel rather balanced, often neck and neck right until the end. You guys really knocked it out of the park with gameplay, and I hope customization/monitization can be improved to a similar quality.


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Been playing the new multiplayer with my brother and have notice a few overarching issues that hinder the enjoyment.

  1. First, there is a pretty limited number of game mode types to play. Since it was not mentioned that this would be missing game modes, it’s a bit concerning, especially when combined with #2

  2. No choice of what modes to play. Your essentially limited to what’s in the small playlist which Is about as diverse as the insider betas… there’s modes like swat and free for all slayer, that are missing. In addition there is no more player vs alien bots which was a fun cooperative multiplayer mode for less compatible players.

  3. The XP / Battlepass isn’t player friendly. Not only does the game force you into a limited type of matches, your also forced into playing with limited ways to earn XP. (Only challenges), even when buying a battlepass. Even worse, your limited to a small amount of challenges and you can only swap challenges with swap tokens… to progress you have to be at the mercy of the game mode plays list and challenges your assigned.

  4. Please do not have being attacked by other players take you out of zoom. It’s disorienting and even more impactful for those of us with vision issues who use zoom to try and see better from a distance.

I believe the playlists need much more diversity. I was hoping that multiplayer would have had new experiences, maybe even some co-op mini events for each season to “extend” the halo universe. Instead the game feels not much more than the beta. This is Halo!! With campaign not even including co-op at start, the multiplayer component will be the sole way to play with friends. Please communicate with the players on if this is just limited and being treated as a beta or if more is planned. In addition, there should be more freedom on game types, and a progression system that rewards activity period, not only challenges… I see a lot of potential for fun,


I’d like to be able to check my challenges while I’m in-game. Sometimes I get into a game and I forgot which challenge I’m trying to do!

Also no player collision makes melee fights awkward and frustrating as sometimes you’ll walk through each other. Maybe turn it off for teammates but turn it on for enemies?

The ranked system is also flawed because it seems it’s easier to rank up than it is to rank down. I don’t know if this a placeholder or anything, but it should be just as easy to lose rank as it is to gain. Also the rank placements are weird too. I lost half my placements and got put in Platinum 5, and I’m not that great at the game.

very well written and great feedback. If you dont mind, I made a thread to try and consolidate all of the feedback into one easy to follow thread. the name of the thread is

changes ideas and overall feedback for all