Feedback: Alpha Pack video is... what, exactly?

I saw the tweet. Watched the trailer. Played it a few times, asked my partner to watch it and see if he caught something I missed. Both of us had no idea what Alpha Pack was, the video gave 0 context clues. Everyone in the replies to the tweet and Unyshek’s equally vague retweet also seemed baffled. I was left wondering until I saw a follow up tweet from /Halo Leaks/ account!! Not the actual halo account. Explaining that it’s AN EVENT and here’s the cosmetic rewards that can be unlocked.

Now, how do you create a video that is so uninteresting and completely useless that the only thing someone remembers of it five minutes later is that it was completely devoid of actual information?? What was I supposed to glean from this?? Genuine question because I have no idea.

There’s a way to hint at something to hype it up without giving spoilers, and this trailer did none of that. (Not that telling us that it’s an event is spoilers!) The least that could have been done was tell us what the “Alpha Pack” even IS. Love this clear-as-mud transparency 343 is treating us to lately :heart:

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It’s a playlist update with some rewards for playing, nothing more, nothing less

We’ll probably get another short cutscene related to whatever season 2 is supposed to be about.

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Honestly going by the leak video there isn’t much to miss.

Alpha pack is a pre beta pack to be released in season 4 in 2026 :rofl:

Seriously though, doesn’t seem to be much teased, no doubt will get a new cutscene relating to what’s going on in season 2 and an updated version of last man standing