Feedback after my 1st week.

Hi all,

Just thought I would give my feedback and see if others agree, using bullet points to keep it simple;

To make infinity slayer work the ordinance choice set needs to be mirrored for both teams, maybe even set out for each map. How this works;
The 1st ordinance choice set that red team gets is the same 1st ordinance choice set that blue team gets, the 2nd ordinance red team get is the same as the 2nd ordinance blue team gets, I hope you see what im trying to say.
This would rule out one team getting needlers (I cant use to save my life) and the other team all getting snipers, this could also bring in a new game tactic where everyone on a team goes for ordinance priority (support package) to get the later ordinance faster or something like that?

Enjoyed campaign, love the cinematics, I think the knights, watchers and crawlers are a nice new addition and their abilities make for interesting game play (focus down watchers, pick off crawlers then deal with the nights for me).

Enjoy the Spec ops story and again cinematics, I think the vehicle chapters are the most enjoyable, but some of the ‘kill and clear’ chapters are lacking. I have played the episodes multiple times with friends and its a healthy break from war games.

Now on to multiplayer;

Please focus on fixing exploits, atm talking about oddball hiding spots on Complex and Haven.

Shield delay should be shorter (time from last damage to shield regen start), I believe this will stop people from sprinting the whole map to get away, but instead will wait and spring a trap if the enemy follows.

Sprinting away currently is almost ‘Strong siding’ (protecting from headshots), the only quick fix I can think of without changing the hit box, is to make bullets travel through Spartans when their shields are down, so that a shot to the back would travel through and connect to the headshot box?

Love that shooting people who are sprinting slows them, maybe make it so strong damage breaks them out of sprinting? Sniper body shot etc.

On non-ordinance playlists weapons on map shouldn’t respawn if the current one is still in play, mostly talking about Ragnarok snipers here, maybe scattershot on Haven.

In regicide delay the waypoint to the king on respawn, this will give the king 5 seconds to think and get his bearings etc.

The railgun shot travel time should be faster, atm u have to charge it and predict movement to get a kill, the charge is fine but the travel delay is a bit too much.

Hologram -Yoink!- big thumbs up, never have i gone from death rage to laughing so quick before. I got played by a decoy and the same decoy teabagged me LMAO.

Ok i believe that is the lot, if you agree please post so the that the problems that alot of people hate are noticed and fixed, and if you have your own post them!

P.S. I dont mind the exp cap, I get it on weekends and not weekdays (Job). Each weapon as its use, DMR is strong but the BR can win at close range, can breach shields and headshot in the same burst, and I find is easier to headshot with.

Nova Out

Also Instant respawns don’t work for Halo, You shouldn’t be able to respawn and target your killer before their shields have fully recharge from your 1st lifes damage, I have got double kills from getting a kill-died-respawn-kill.
4 seconds doesn’t hurt anyone.