Feedback after 34 hours of playtime

  • There’s some noticeable clipping on some of the skin attachments when the Spartans are doing their introduction animations. Please fix this so that when our spartan crosses their arms, it doesn’t clip through the ammo pouch.

  • Lack of awareness of other Spartans in a BTB party. I often pair up with mates of mine in BTB, but only the host’s fireteam is visible on the main screen. Please fix this so that all Spartans are included in some way. It’s annoying when there’s so much screen real estate there to use. Imagine how cool it would be to see your Spartan carry boxes/hit a heavy bag in the background. There is so much more you can improve here with the social aspect of the game.

  • Add commendations and challenges for weapons. The game feels quite barebones at the moment. I know it’s a beta, but at least have a section where you can track your medals/kills, etc.

  • The lack of maps in BTB is really telling. I find that the circulation of the same three maps is going to get boring after a while. We need more Biomes (snow, sand, and space environments) or at least classic remasters of maps like Valhalla and Sandtrap. It would be cool to have a map at the edge of the Halo ring that’s visibly broken apart and in Zero-G.

  • Make the game more social and n00b friendly. My friend is deterred from playing as he gets frustrated from getting killed. Introduce playlists that aren’t a sweat fest. I’ve been playing Halo for most of my life and it seems that the game is geared towards MLG players.

  • Please add a server browser of some kind so that we can join Custom games or social modes that aren’t geared towards objective-based game types all the time.

  • HOW DO WE MUTE PEOPLE IN-GAME? Allow us to click on their name and press ‘Mute’. How hard is it to do? It’s so annoying to hear a toxic player on your own team try and talk smack. I don’t have a headset yet, I can still hear people through my TV. It’s why I only play through discord or the Xbox party chat on my gaming laptop if I’m with friends.

  • Theater mode is really bad right now. If I’m being completely honest - it’s a buggy mess. Anytime I hide the UI, I can’t deselect it as there’s no button press that allows you to go back to default settings. There is no depth of field options or collated features that allow you to frame/enhance shots. What gives? The grey bar on the bottom of the window is a terrible idea. Just make it transparent and give us a theatre mode like Forza Horizon 5. - that should be your aim and your bar. I’m really amazed at how bad theatre is right now. It needs an overhaul.

  • Bring back hard collisions with enemies and friendlies. It’s obvious that it’s affecting melee range/interactions up close because of clipping. Soft collisions are nonsense. Just bring back old-school collisions like in previous Halo games.

  • Commando at range is horrible. It’s like the ugly duckling of the DMR family. The bloom is too abrasive and it doesn’t feel worthy of the size/described power of the weapon. The recoil should be heavily reduced. We’re Spartans not Marines.

  • The vehicles blow up too quickly - especially the chopper. The chopper is basically useless because of its overbearing weight. I used to enjoy using it in Halo 3, and now it’s a shadow of its former self. It needs better handling and beefier cannons.

  • The air vehicles are a bit of a joke. You can skyjack one, and then get immediately shot down. There is no time to live with it. I’ve flown the Wasp and Banshee from spawn, and it’s rare that I’ll have it for more than 30 - 60 seconds.

  • Gives us bigger maps, and air vehicle transporters like the Pelican or Falcon.

  • Bring back assassinations and allow us to customize our Spartan introduction at the start of each match.

  • What happened to the beatdown medal? It was fine, yet it was changed. This better mean we’re getting assassinations within the next few months.

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