Feedback after 20 hours

I am gonna summarize few things i would like to see in the game. These are of course subjective opinions. Game is fun, gameplay is great etc etc i will focus on the negatives and adjustments i would like to see.

  1. Battlepass progression
    It is fine, i like challenges, dont understand why it is such a big deal with progression. Challenges give you things to do and i enjoy completing them. You can progress quite fast, but its not perfect of course.
    The issue with battlepass for me is the swapping of challenges. Earning swaps from levels itself is borderline stupid. I am progressing my battlepass to earn rewards which help me progress the battlepass?
    Remove swaps from battlepass rewards. Give swaps after each won match, does not matter. Just let players switch challenges often, so its easier to adjust the challenges.
    Keep the +50xp per match, give more xp for won match, like +150xp.
    This way winning match gives swap and more xp towards next level. Thats fun and makes winning slightly more meaningful, while challenges still add additional layer of gameplay and people progress slightly faster if they do well.

  2. Rewards for batttlepass.
    I have absolutely zero interest in the content of battlepass. There is like 1 or 2 items there i am interested in. These visual upgrades are barely noticable. It just does not work for me. I find way more interesting the custom effects, like fire or desintegrations. I dont care for ammo attachment on forearm, like at all.

  3. Skins
    I bought the black/orange skin and i am way more happy with it than any custom part from battlepass. I am playing the game for free, i enjoy it, so i find it fair to give something back. That being said, why i cant customize the bought skin? It feels like i am punished by buying skin, since i cant edit anything on that skin as far as i know. Also there is not enough interesting skins. Only skins i have seen on other players are black/oragne, black/blue, black/golden. I am sure it will get better, but currently it feels lacking.

  4. Overwatch things
    I know how almost everyone here hates Overwatch etc etc. But i dont realy care, overwatch did many things realy well.
    -Skins lootboxes were fun, yeah, we do hate lootboxes, but if they are free, its fun. I would prefer route of completely unique, custom and crazy skins like OW rather than some shoulder pads. I want to see Spartan in shorts and flipflops and the helmet, in kimono, santa themed suit etc. Ye, its probably not cannon etc, but it would be fun.
    -Play of the game, ye, again, people here hate the idea, but it was great to see someone do realy well in the match, learn something interesting from replay or to be play of the game yourself. I would want to see that. There was also custom animation in OW before the replay, which adds another layer of customization and shows your character skin again.

  5. Kill cam
    I would want to see replay how i got killed. Skippable, to see the camera focusing player who killed me just as it is right now. Ie just add the kill cam with replay. There is many situations where i just want to see how i got killed to understand what happened.

  6. Whats up with the order of Spartans at the end of the match. I thougth the order is first to the last based on scorboard, but its not. Can you just make the order based on the score. Why would you not make it like that and make it random?

  7. Scoreboard at the end. This is competitive shooter game, lets have a scoreboards at the end displayed or something. The fact how well you did during the match feels here completely irrelevant. Its good to have as little toxicity in the game as possible, but people want to feel good about doing well in the match.

  8. Current event with random weapons is great, add it to ranked mode. I barely switch to other weapons in ranked mode and this is so much more fun and interesting. It will suck to go back to normal mode to be honest.

Thats probably all for now, i might add some more stuff later