Feedback about the forums

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, and if it isn’t, could someone please tell me which forum or link on this site is the right place for it?
I’d appreciate it.

Anyway, here is my feedback:

  • I noticed the site has a link called “FAQ”, but instead of leading to a FAQ (where frequently asked questions are answered), it leads to the rules.
    Likewise, “About” leads to a page showing the staff and site statistics, rather than to a page that, like the article in support: “What is the Halo Support site?”, describes who made Halo Waypoint, what it’s for, etc.

  • Receiving and giving likes is limited by trust level, but it seems too restrictive.
    It would be nice to have a limit of 100 or at least 50 likes each day at Basic/trust level 1.
    I only liked about 10 posts today, I think, and it said I reached the limit, which is weird because I think I liked about 100 posts yesterday.

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If you complete the tutorial with the bot in your messages, likes become infinite. Or at least I havent reached my limit.

I just completed the tutorial before you posted, since I thought it might help, but I can’t like your post, so I don’t think it did.
I even unlocked a few badges to see if that would do anything, but it didn’t.

Oh, I see, it may be due to your short time on these servers. Happy birthday by the way.

Thank you.

Yeah, the like limit is probably going to be very limited for me for a few weeks, I suppose.

The amount of likes allowed depends on your trust level. As I type this, you are at basic level. Can’t remember the limit on likes but it’ll increase when you get to Member

Edit: there’s a thread entitled ‘THOUGHTS ON NEW WAYPOINT’ - it would be worth your while searching for that.

I know, but it’s very restrictive.
Also, it’s weird that I have less likes that I can give today than I did yesterday.

Would it be a good idea to post this there?

It’s a part of Discourse. Not sure whether admins can adjust the limits for each trust level. I think they work off Pacific Standard Time (West Coast USA) to set when start and end of day for resetting likes happens.

Up to you. It’s worth a read in any case. It’s a long thread though.

From what I read about trust levels in one of the welcome messages that had a link to Discourse, I’m quite certain they can edit the limits for each level.

That’s an understatement.
I don’t think I’ll be reading 500+ posts…

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I dare you to do it! In fact, I double dare you!

Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m immune to dares like that.

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