Fed Up (too many bugs)

My experience:
gameplay is fun, campaign is pretty fun if not repetitive in the open world as you’d expect
story sucks
multiplayer is fun too but here is why i’m done:
BTB doesn’t work. i get denied 9 out of 10 games i queue up for because “:server errors.” i have been banned because “server errors.”
i had used a few boosts and lost valuable time trying to get challenges done only to not get in games before i realized its only BTB
switch weapon on scroll wheel works sometimes, sometimes it’ll keep swapping you back (this happens on zero other games)
some challenges don’t complete, no progress, forcing me to use the swaps (having the right playlist isn’t the issue because i’ve tried them all. for an example i had to use two swaps in a row, one after the other, because these slayer challenge will not progress)
i get shot around corners sometime
melee is broken connected
voice chat doesn’t work despite me trying multiple settings
then there is the entire conversation about how the customization like shaders and all that are limited to suits, and the whole can of worms that comes with that
edit: oh let’s add on to the challenge swap AND BTB issue. i have a BTB challenge after swapping my second slayer. BTB is broken.
three swaps because bugs
three poorly utilized XP boosts because bugs

i stopped using boost cause i get scammed as the matches never load. i waste time rebooting the game, server d/c, match loading screen hangs etc.