February Servers

I seriously feel like matchmaking has taken a complete turn for the worse, and it’s clearly due to server latency. All of the sudden I feel like I’m a terrible played and for a couple days I couldn’t figure out why. It’s latency and it’s affecting me and some of my friends and turning is away from halo. It’s all over the place. You know something is wrong when you melee someone, it’s make the sound, but nothing happens to their shield. Also there is times where it feels like when I’m aiming at someone, there is a magnet pushing my reticle AWAY from the target in 1v1 situations. I love this game but holy crap… Server latency has been disgusting. I almost wish we could go back to the days where someone had host, at least then it felt more stable.

I feel you mate. I hope everything gets worked out soon.

I`m just sitting here getting kicked 24/7 from the game servers