Features I would like post launch

This post will be a personal list in no particular order of features post launch I would like to have and will not include features that are 100% guaranteed to be in infinite post launch. Also let me know what features you would like in infinite post launch!:+1:t3:
-Map voting
-armor being destroyed when being shot at (purely visual) when I shoot someone in the shoulder with no shields I wanna see the shoulder armor break and fly off.
-air vehicles shields (personal preference)
-cross armor core customization I want to be able to mix art styles on my armor the way I see fit.
-hud customization being able to move my ammo counter or shield bar on my HUD seems cool.
-pre game screen Like halo reach or halo 4 being able to see my teammates and opponents spartan armor was really nice
This is my list for now I’ll edit it if I see something else I like or want from your suggestions!

-Idk how well it would work, but I think map voting needs to be a mixtape. Players pick which maps they would like the game to exclude when searching for matches. This way, you only match with people who want to play that map, and it would cut down on quitters. This would make search times longer though.

-Assassinations? -Yoink- yeah!

-Interesting, but I feel the cosmetic crowd wouldn’t like that too much.

-Depends on what vehicles. Banshee? Sure. Wasp? Idk.

-I feel that’s how it should be but armor cores still somewhat confuse me.

-HUD needs an entire rework honestly.

-Absolutely. I don’t even know who’s in the match until it’s over sometimes. Also we need postgame lobby party-up like before. Sick of losing my really good random teammates.

Only ones I can disagree with are these:

Armour Breaking
Imagine is you escape again and again, you’d end up naked XD And it’d suck for the cosmetic crowd, and with the way 343 are selling this game, it’d go against their entire philosophy.

Aircraft Shields
Depends on the vehicle, but most vehicles in Halo don’t use shields. Could have varients though like they did in 5.

The rest I agree with, and expanding on map voting, you could either have vetoing, like Halo 3, or a selection of 3 maps and a random option, like Reach. They could also either throw in gametypes with the maps or also a seperate vote for gametypes. For example, imagine you wanna play objective but not one bomb etc.

firefight please