Feature wishlist post Season 8: Insert Ideas here!

MCC collection is at a great state (Despite Fileshares being deleted when custom browser is now out for a good portion of the collection)

Though there is still features I would like to see implemented to ensure the game survives after Infinite, so players have incentive to return, and so OG fans stay long after Infinite has grown

  • Increased Private Files Limit from 5050 is to small for 4 games which contain Forge, MCC is Currently Below what Halo 3 was back in the 360 days, with Custom Browser out Players have an opportunity to share more maps then ever before 250 Maps & 250 modes would be a great Base

  • File BrowserFind Player isint the best option given file shares were removed and we have to do our own research to find GT’s with maps and modes which may not even have them on there file shares anymore, an option to search map and mode names would be a good start (PS you can’t even click on Custom browser hosts names to find them)

  • A Sandbox Variant with Guardians disabledmany custom maps were broken once Guardians could no longer be disabled, well its supposed to be this way many beloved maps require them to be shutoff even bungie had certain ones back in the day on Bungie Favorites and let you build out there to obtain the Skull (Just remove Skull for a built in variant with Guardians disabled the community would love this)

  • Campaign + Firefight BrowserThis one is a Longshot but given Campaign isint Cross play & and Friends have switched to PC for the mods it would be nice to have a browser for help with Legendary Runs as well as achievements and playlists so it’s eaiser to find players looking for the same thing, especially after Infinite comes out

For Firefight it would be nice to find players who wanna grind limitless Firefight survival & cool new modes not in Matchmaking, Customs browser still needs work before this is an option I know

  • Customs XPAfter Infinite comes out, Matchmaking could possibly Dwindle down it would be nice to gain xp after Infinite with Customs, maybe half the Cap of what you make in a Matchmaking game or more similar to Reach?

  • More Exchange ContentNot sure if this is planned but if Seasons are done it would be nice to get some new content from time to time, maybe new stuff for games that haven’t been touched like H2A or community content created through mods to be official, even packs which contain more Skins and stuff would be cool

  • Custom Campaign Playlistnow this was a possibility back in 2014 before the horrific Launch of MCC would be cool to see this brought in

  • Elite Customization for ReachI remember this was planned but not sure what Happend

  • More Forge ItemsI remember this was talked about at one point to

  • Community Seasonswith mod support possibilities are endless but since 343 will be ending season support it would be cool if they let the community create new content with mod tools and 343 picks what can be official this would save them time and allow for certain mod options on Console to become a reality well players have incentive to return (Maybe the community can figure out a way to make Skins and Visors possible for H2: Classic?) Would be nice to get new Armors and skins for games which haven’t been touched much. I was alittle disappointed H3 got so much focus even though it’s my favorite next to Reach

  • Campaign + Spartan Ops Cross PlayMaybe can’t happen but would be awesome

  • H3 Weapon and Vehicle Skins in ODSTNo Brainer, it’s the same engine and wouldn’t require another Season, would’ve been nice if all weapons and Vehicles got Skins like CE it looks kind of incomplete

  • H3 Multiplayer Armor in CampaignAs a Seperate option of Course but would be cool to see our own Spartan in cutscenes

  • **Mod Support for Console (At Least xbox Series Consoles)**Well a Longshot it’s sad seeing how much fun PC players are having for a game meant for Console, some Xbox games already have mod support like fallout 4, Skyrim and city Skylines I remember it was talked about, but maybe not an option. 343 could do somthing similar like fallout and skyrim if a file browser is created and could disable Matchmaking and achievements for more Customs fun leaving this game alive for years to come

  • H2 Contentwell I know the code is very buggy maybe modders can figure out a way to make this possible or at least for H2A it looks baffling to me it’s left out tho for good reason Visors and Skins would be a great addition to the collection and make it look more whole , Reach and Halo 4 at Opposite ends of the collection looks OK tho would be nice to

  • Community Updates343 could allow the community to create bug fixes with mod support similar to what valve did with L4D 2 creating a new update bring new content and fixes this would allow 343 to continue support well letting fans fix what needs to be fixed and bringing in new content they give the OK for

what do you wish for in the upcoming year?

If you agree with anything here I suggest liking it and talking on this post it’s not to gain likes or attention from the community its to show 343 the momentum of what people want so they can look at feasible options if they can’t implement these things entirely over the next year

A file browser and Increased File Limit should be necessary

Well Custom XP And ODST Skins seem feasible enough to explore

I know not everything can make it or is doable but some of these features should really be considered over the next year

Not just what 343 wants

Please share feedback on what you agree and what you want to

I’ve played Halo Regularly since 2008 (Before I had xbox live) and things from the originals I don’t see in this and knowing what would bring me back should be implemented I’m now an adult who still loves playing these games and miss features that were dear to me in childhood well I like ideas that they have built on which should be explored more your’e doing a good job 343 but please consider some of these wishes for the year ahead well you focus more on Infinite

Personally I have a ridiculously long list and not nearly enough time to list them all. So I’ll be brief with one suggestion to contribute to this thread.

There are still armor pieces missing for Halo Reach, like the Mark V with a brim which was seen in the games Beta but not in the retail release, the PRESERVE chest piece, and other such examples. Other options include but are not limited to Noble Team pieces, such as Jorge’s visor color, legs and right wrist bracer.

Most of the stuff I want fixed is mainly just hit reg improvments for Halo CE, 2 and 3 but one thing that I would LOVE for 343 to add (other than them disabling spread for the CE magnum in social) is increasing the the filesize for the custom maps and gametypes from 50 to 150 because it fills up way too fast.