Feature Request List

Due to feature requests being a bit scattered over time, and harder to skim through, we needed an easier way to get a snapshot of what is going on. This thread servers as a single point of entry for feature requests.
Please do NOT post feedback or rebuttle to a feature request. Please post that in relevant linked discussions.

NOTE: This thread is different from the “Community Halo API Projects” thread, which focuses more on application usage.
Format to follow

  • Title: (relevant title) - Status: { pending, acknowledged, in progress, completed }
  • Category: { metadata, profile, status, new } (API endpoint categories)
  • Teams: { api, campaign, forge, ect. } (relevant teams you feel the feature depends on) - Link: (discussion thread request is linked too) - Description: (what the feature should do) - Requirements: (step-by-step procedure of how the feature should work)
  • Title: Forge object cartographer generated metadata
  • Status: pending - Category: status
  • Teams: api & forge - Link:
  • Description: Although this does not directly apply to the API request, it is derived from API context. As such it should be forwarded to the forge team in regards to implementation. It would allow us to render our own overview of map views of maps implemented both 343 distributed maps and forge created ones. The goal here is to allow developers to manually generate top-down views for maps.
  • Requirements: 1. Unique IDs or hashes for all maps and derivatives of maps variants. 2. Ability to view a map variant calculated hash inside the game. 3. Ability to have a camera overview view of the map. 4. The ability to add metadata with sub-keys or tag on a per object basis (e.g. floor: 1; section: upper terrace; ect.). 5. The ability to hide all objects based on a key (e.g. hide all objects labeled as floor: 1).

Did you really need to note that a thread of feature requests is different to a thread of people’s projects?

Looks like someone already broke the flow ;). Only because the terminology seemed similar at a glance.