Feature Request: In-Game Microphone Indicator

In Game indication if microphone is active and receiving or not.
Basically, the same thing you see in the fireteam menu for the microphone, but in game.
It would help some of us who use PTT and might also help those who have an open mic realize that they have an open mic! :smile:


You’ve heard people speak in multiplayer!? I’ve been running open mic and haven’t heard a soul for ages. Times have changed since the Halo 2/3 days…

I agree, a mic icon would be useful.


I think when someone is talking in-game there is a super tiny change in the waypoint above them. There also might be a change in the scoreboard menu but I honestly don’t remember since finding talking players is rare.

I completely agree that this would be a helpful feature.

In >50% of the games I play I hear other people!
My Brother and I play nightly and use our mics even.
Heard some guys speaking what I think was French just tonight, which was kinda cool.
I Wish I knew French.

You are correct, you can see which of the other players on your team are talking by looking at their waypoint, it gets small lines around it, kind of like: (( * ))
You can also see when you, the player are speaking and if you mic is active or not in the scoreboard and in the fireteam area.

I am talking about seeing the players mic, you. To tell if your mic is active or not.
I use a Push To Talk toggle button to turn my mic on and off out of courtesy, if I have something to say I will turn it on and say it, if not I am quiet and not disturbing others with background music or other noise (I’ve heard some crazy crap!).
It is clumsy and going to get you killed if you check if your mic is active or not in multiplayer.
All I am saying is that a small indication of the players mic, in-game, would be really helpful!

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