Feature Request: Diferent Colour Fireteam-markers

Hey there Community and of course 343!

My first topic that I actually post here in the forum is a constructive one:

I am playing a lot with friends in fireteams. A lotof times we have BIG problems to find ourselves
on the map for a building up a forced attack on the enemy.
It is VERY difficoult to find your mates in gamemodes like Warzone and often you are split up in every direction on the map without ANY idea where your
mates of your fireteams are…
My wish for the future would be, that the mates of the fireteams get a different couloured marker instead of blue…
that would make gamplay in big teams with different fireteams a LOT easier…:slight_smile:

hopefully one of you guys will read that thread…i guess a lot of people are with me about this idea =)

Thx and happy fragging :slight_smile:

Or at least a spawn bro like from Halo Reach’s invasion.

Upvote from me. FireTeams should have a different colored tag that is always visible.

I agree with the first two. It would be nice to see both of those ideas added.

> 2533274811270632;1:
> Thx and happy fragging :slight_smile:

I, particularly, like this part.