FearDaWeier - Dedicated F/A

I am a hungry, dedicated, and competitive player. Gaming is my way of life, and I want to be the best. I’m willing to put in hours of my free time training, learning, and growing. I have played numerous titles competitively- CoD, Counter Strike, and various PvP and Moba games. I have yet to find a team or group of players that shared my same obsession with competitive gaming and I’m letting my voice be heard in the Halo community hoping that maybe my fate lies in the game of my childhood. I grew up with Halo, and have been playing ever since (9 years probably).

Although I’ve played Halo for so long, rarely have I ever been very competitive about it. I felt competitive Halo wasn’t for me. As years have gone by, I steadily started to change my heart and opinion about the subject, and here I am now.

Msg me or add me on XBL: FearDaWeier.

Call me Fear or Scrappy.
Let me know what you think

Hey Scrappy. I’m in a clan that can be competitive called Epsilon Fleet. But I’m also in a competitive team. If you have no interests in clans then maybe you could be a sub for us because we already have a full team of 4. If you don’t want to be a sub then I think my clan would be a good option. Although our main goal of the clan is to have fun; we can have fun being competitive at the same time. Epsilon Fleet is a military styled clan based in Halo and we have everything for players who are competitive, casual, or forgers. We split our clan up into squads and each squad is good for specific players. I was recently appointed squad leader and my goal is to make my squad competitive and get every player better. If you want to know more add and message me on Xbox or check out my clan’s website. My gamertag is “paradlse”

Here’s a link to our website:

If you do want to join our clan make sure you sign up on our website. Make sure to put down my name for how you found the clan. Once you’re signed up one of our clan members will get in contact with you and get you through the process. Also I’ll make sure that you get in my squad because you want to be competitive.