Fear Of What CoD Streamers Will Do To The Game

Dr. Disrespect wants a mode gone in favor of one from CoD. A very popular streamer demanding to make Halo something its not. Do you know what will happen if other CoD streamers get involved? They’d ruin Halo Infinite. Not only do we have a monetization problem, but we’ll also have a problem where streamers turn Halo into Call of Duty. Remember when 343 tried that with Halo 4? Many fans were not happy. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen.

since infinite’s campaign is ‘open world’… a open world multiplayer is just around the corner. a BR is inevitable. and besides… 343 never saw the difference between halo and cod

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they already know we dont want taunts, and they are listening to the fans, kind of…
so i think its unlikely therell be a BR
and if there is one, itll just be a single gamemode youd be able to play if you want to, hopefully

It was said that there won’t be a battle royale mode, but that fans can create one with forge.