Favourite Reqs

I have an interesting question. If you were to lose all your reqs but one which one would you keep (can be any rarity) and a follow up is if you were to have ANY req (can be any rarity) that you don’t currently have which one would you want?

I would keep the banshee ultra and I really want the halo 2 BR. Its just so impossible to obtain

Honestly, Whiplash. I was terrible with the Railgun in Halo 4, but the improvements that were made in Halo 5, especially the speed in which to fire that the Whiplash has, makes it so much easier for me.

I would keep active camo 3 and I would like dying star!

If I had to keep one of my reqs it would probably be my scorpion certification. If I were to have any req it would be the Copperhead armour/helmet because I really want it.

Any powerweapon like dying star, nornfang, SPNKR prime …
I’d like to have Linda’s helmet

Halo 2 BR because power never goes out of style :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep the Voids Tear and want the Phaeton Helios

I’m surprised no one has came in here yet saying how they don’t need reqs because all they play is arena.

I would keep blood of surban and I need the new golden banshee.

The up-coming Wasp looks awesome along with the temple Banshee

Temple Ghost. It’s my favorite req. It’s so fun to use and a low req level.

Halo 2 BR!

Extended mag pistol for sure.