Favourite part of Halo Infinite for you?

switching to another game

The gunplay is the most fun and smooth of any halo. Genuinely think they did a terrific job with that side of things


Behemoth grapple opening for camo/OS! I’ve always wondered what happens if two people hit it at the same time? Does 2nd person follow the powerup, or does 2nd person steal it from 1st grapple shot?

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The art style

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I think the bandit/DMR design will depend on the lore built around it for this version.

If it is an enlisted human weapon, there will be a practical need for a picatinny rail mounted 2.5 or 3x scope.

If it is a weapon fitted for ODST and Spartans who wear helmets, the helmet is the optics so I could understand it being iron sighted at the hip with no mounted optics.

Yeah, I have seen people say that it could just be the Halo 5 Magnum, which would probably make it a tier two weapon. But we probably just have to wait.

Being honest, I don’t see space in the halo infinite sandbox for an additional weapon that isn’t entirely unique.

DMR and H5 pistol do not feel unique enough to me to deserve spots. In fact this was already proven in Halo 5 from the pre & post sandbox update. “How do we make the Pistol relevant? I know! Lets nerf the hell out of the BR!”

The DMR made sense for BTB and Warzone, plus arena maps post-sandbox change which provided DMR as a pickup. Looking at the BR in H5 competitive games, it was left alone 99% of the time.

The DMR must have a gimmick to uniquely fit the sandbox. The TTK has three possible outcomes (IMHO) Equal to BR 1.55s, equal to Commando 1.15s, or in between. When the stalker rifle already fills a 3 shot 0.95 TTK slot with precision intent I just don’t understand how it will fit.

343i’s first additional weapon may also be their first unnecessary one.


As someone who hated the inclusion of sprint and slide in Halo 4 & 5 I really like how it plays in Infinite. Plus the way that sliding works makes it feel really engaging when used in tandem with combat.

For me, my favorite part is the weapons sandbox. It feels so tight and engaging.

The equipment being implemented into this Halo feels much better than Halo 3 equipment.

I somewhat agree with this, and I like that Halo Infinite stripped the weapon sandbox down.

I think the DMR would make the most sense as a Commando variant, not necessarily in the official sandbox but still in the game for anyone that likes it.

I could see a Magnum being added as a default secondary for BTB or other playlists. Not necessarily better than the BR75, but its unique spot in the sand box would be a default ranged precision weapon. The Sidekick might need to be tweaked a bit to give the Magnum more of an identity.

I personally find the most appealing aspect of Halo Infinite to be

My favorite part? I don’t know, maybe I’ll have an answer for you when this game is out of beta.