Favourite part of Halo Infinite for you?

For me it is slide mobility :smiley: There is nothing like being one shot against a two shot enemy, wrapping a corner/obstruction, jumping on a little ledge and then sliding super fast back into the engagement with a stylish reversal :open_mouth:


Bless your heart. You have no idea what type of comments you’re about to get.

For the record, I’m a fan of the slide tech, too.


insert 343 (i cant say -Yoink!- 4 -Yoink!-, even if its satire) bad bungo good here

I love the weapon balance, its the only Halo game where I feel like I should pick up other weapons and not just stick to spawning weapons and power weapons. The art direction is amazing, but not perfect
the music is incredible
I love the mobility

I could go on but I dont want to get too much “hOw MuCh MoNeY dId NuMbEr CoMpAnY gIvE yOu” replies here

EDIT: is the letter r followed by e twice really not allowed?

I actually like the gun play better in this game then in other Halo’s. Not sure if I prefer it over Halo 3’s, but definitely better then Halo 2’s.

Maps are mostly decent too and I enjoy BTB most of all. Hoping a little more variety comes in in due time.

Single player campaign is ok, I dislike the boss fights big time though. Nothing more but bullet spunges that can kill you in a few blasts while you hit them with like 9000 shots lol.

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Getting Shot behind walls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


My fave bit is….
We love Halo
Not everything is ready at launch……
Except the store……
The store is ready

We love the community and will keep you informed and communicate with you
Did we mention the store still works

It has been brought to our attention that some items are over priced in the Store….,
Despite this it has been brought to our attention that your still buying them………So go figure

Once again 343 loves you, we’re here for you
See you in the store….oh I meant on the battlefield


The gameplay in general I do think is really good. Not as slow as the previous games, but not as over-the-top as I felt 5 was.

The only weaknesses holding it back for me is the networking issues and just not having enough variety to enjoy it. Really hurting for some good PvE modes.


For me its been far more enjoyable watching Infinite than actually playing it… Halo 5 was a superior game competitively speaking (higher skillgap, better map pools at least towards launch, better features like Forge 1 month past release) but I found it almost impossible to actually watch as its incredibly confusing to understand between all the crazy and sporadic movement in Halo 5.

So Infinite is probably the best Halo to watch, its core mechanics are a) predictable and b) still has some unpredictability via equipment to make it always really fun to watch. Also worth noting that the changes to Oddball/KOTH have actually been brilliant, people smack talk 343i for not understanding Halo but their gametype changes have been clever and interesting ways to change beloved modes.

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For me its:

  1. The BR losing to the AR at close range (finally put the BR in its place as a long range gun, not the OP “Utility Weapon” it used to be which its still too strong but this was a step in the right direction)

  2. The gunplay (feels so smooth and similar to Destiny which is awesome)

  3. The maps (H5 had so many forge maps in rotation it felt so dang lazy, dev maps should feel more custom than just something made in forge). I know we don’t have a lot of maps but i honestly love them all, Behemoth and the new BTB are my favorites.

  4. The return to the better and classic art style

  5. Smaller sandbox (H5s felt bloated and most guns didn’t really matter)

  6. No Prometheans (they were terrible enemies, just not fun to fight bullet sponges)

  7. The story (it is so much better than H4 and H5, H4 changed Chief too much so seeing classic Chief return was great)

My only issues with the game are:

  1. Armor unlock system (i want something akin to H3s system, set never changing challenges that give you specific armor. Credits, Battlepasses, the store all only reward either time spent or money spent not skill. Please give us stuff like H3 Hayabusa and Recon and H5 Helioskrill again)

  2. Vehicles are too weak in general (map design makes it too easy to know exactly where vehicles are going to go, the amount of shock nades and weapons on the map instantly disable vehicles, closeness of vehicle paths and the grappling hook make it easy to hijack, vehicles seem to have way lower health compared to previous titles. I would honestly take out the shock rifle and make the dynamo nades have to get a direct hit to stun a vehicle and upon the stun it breaks so it doesn’t just hold you in a stun)

  3. This goes with 1, but better ranked rewards

As far as MP goes Infinite is the best in the series. They have a few problems but none so bad as to say it no longer plays like Halo.


Mobility in this Halo game feels amazing. My favorite part is learning new weapons that definitely serve a purpose in the success of playing this game. Also, playing with friends and family. I’ve got a social group that we’ve been playing Halo together since 07 with Halo 3 and so many of those guys are back playing again. I love it.


I pretty much agree with you all round; I wonder if future battle passes can provide seasonal challenges to unlock certain armours/skins/effects. This way 343i still gets $10 USD from every player picking it up, and the challenges can be considered as extras on top of the typical 100 levels of unlocks per season.

For example this LSS season could have included a challenge to get 1000 kills and 100 “top 3 podium finishes” in LSS to unlock a specific banner, emblem, disruptor skin (too many weapons missing skins) and visor color (for all cores).

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Yeah thats part of my issue, i want an armor not tied to a pass at all. I paid for the campaign and all i get is camos…that hurts a lot. I was hoping they would give us armors like i mentioned above, no pass, never change the challenge, not necessarily time consuming but difficult.

Great mechanics. Love how equipment picks are back, wish there was more of them. FFA and BTB playlist are ok, wish I could select between Slayer and objective games. Wish there were better maps for multiplayer.

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Good news, the data miners and rumour mill are expecting new equipment in season 3.

Probably the art style. 4 and 5 didn’t look like Halo enough to ne so I’m happy Infinite does.

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The game has a great foundation. But it truly needs polishing. I enjoy the movement and the weapon systems. Just trying some of the crappier guns in the game can really change your look on them. Pulse carbine for example. I HATED that thing at first. Now I use it for a shield buster and swap to my pistol or what have you and finish people off. Now there are a lot of things that really get under my skin with this game, but if everything was evened out, I think I’d play a hell of a lot more. 343i really has their work cut out for them if they really want to make this a good game. Till then, I just pop in for a few rounds and call it a day.

Weapon balance, Mobility is superb, Campaign - art direction - music —> A BIG FAN of


Yoinking equipment from people with the grapple shot!!!

The music.

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Probably weapons and armor design. I like that they are using the Reach AR now, though the OG AR is okay, I find the Reach one Infinitely better. I also hope that the supposed “Bandit” gets a more Reach design and has some kind of scope and ammo counter.
As for armor, pretty much the same thing. Glad they went back to the older art style and design language(?).