Favourite Legendary req

All legendary reqs including vehicles, Armor mods, and power weapons

Hannibal Mantis :smiley:

Only downfall is you can’t protect yourself when someone boards you to nade or melee you… which I don’t full understand why you can’t shoot them off like you can do for a tank or wraith.

Well it’s not legendary but I like the whisper truth
Or the prophet’s bane

That’s a hard one but the Hannibal scorpion and the tartausus gavel take the cake

Jorges chaingun or helios

Delta Beam rifle. Love the vortex effect.

Most Mythic Legendaries. Jorges Chaingun, Nornfang, Prophet’s Bane.
I enjoy using the Gauss Turrets, Halo CE pistol is fun but you gotta play super conservative IMO.
On the opposite side of the spectrum I’d say I hate getting Krith’s Hand and Twin Jewels, I always sell those because they are just such a waste of req energy.

Hannibal wasp. That thing is op in the hands of a good pilot

Hannibal mantis

Hannibal Scorpion, I love the vibe it gives.

Didact’s Signet is a very underrated weapon.

The Dying Star light rifle <3

norfang is a beast!!

Hannibal mantis

I don’t understand why anyone has said the SPNKR Prime. Or even the SPNKR Ex for that matter. Both awesome weapons.

The Phaeton Helios is amazing

“The Answer” ('Nuff said) & ONI Mantis.

Hannibal Wasp and Nornfang. Need I say more?