Favourite/least favourite weapons?

Hi, I was just wondering what people’s favourite and least favourite weapons are, and I have divided it into [number] categories:

  • Favourite Loadout Weapon - Favourite Early Game Warzone Weapon (Level 1 to 5) - Favourite Late Game Warzone Weapon (Level 6 to 9) - Least Favourite Loadout Weapon - Least Favourite Early Game Warzone Weapon (Level 1 to 5) - Least Favourite Late Game Warzone Weapon (Level 6 to 9)These are my choices and reasons:

  • Battle rifle, as it has good range, but isn’t useless in short range compared to the DMR. - Carbine, for similar reasons as the Battle rifle, I just love short to medium range single-shot weapons. - I’m gonna say the SAW, as it’s just a better AR, and it feels so good to get a large kill streak with this thing. - The SMG, as its range is abysmal, and it feels more like an automatic shotgun than anything else, I actually really like the shotgun, it’s not my favourite, but I don’t mind close range, what I mind is never being able to get a kill because for me, I never end up going close range, and if I have to, I use melees. - For my least favourite Early game weapon, I’m gonna say any turret. I hate having to move slow, and not being able to do anything, just walk and shoot, it’s just not fun for me. I pick them up occasionally in campaign just to get a couple kills, or kill a boss or something, but it’s just not fun not being able to do anything but walk and shoot. - The Binary rifle. I’m bad at snipers, and I just cant get kills with it, and I just don’t like it, I don’t know how to explain it, but at least I put it down.I would be really greatful if you could share your thoughts.