Favourite halo character

Tell me who is you’re favourite halo character

Rtas Vadum (Shadow of intent shipmaster)

It’s a tie between Rtas’ Vadum, Linda-058, and Capt. Lasky.

my multiplayer spartan-IV

My favorite character is also my favorite Spartan: Fred-104

The dude could have been just as OP as the Chief, but he actively hid his talents so as not to stand out during training (classic middle child move btw). He was even on the short list for who would become the de facto leader of the Spartans upon graduation from training on Reach. But there are two major character moments that really endeared me to him as a person:

  • He led Blue Team for years after MC went MIA. Then when MC suddenly returned to the land of the living, Fred stepped down without any fuss. He favored unit cohesion over his ego. He didn’t need to be the official leader of Blue Team in order to validate himself. His lack of insecurity in who he is and what he’s about is incredibly admirable - In Blue Team’s opening level in H5 Fred, Kelly, and Linda are discussing John’s mental status. Kelly and Linda kinda blow off Fred’s concerns about Chief with Kelly simply saying “He’s fine, Fred.” To which he replies that they’ve gone on so many missions in a row that John is clearly not fine. Despite the two other members blowing off the issue, when John enters the crew bay, Fred steps in his path and asks a very simple question: “you good?”. It’s an incredible moment imo. Fred knows something is wrong and wants John to know that if he needs someone to talk to, Fred is there to be his sounding board. These people have been together for decades at this point, so all that needs to be said has been said in the line “you good?”. I don’t have many good things to say about H5, but this is one part where I feel the writing was spot on.

Spartan Jerome.

Rtas’Vadum , John 117, and Arbiter
There are more characters that I like I just didn’t list them here

343 Guilty Spark, the monitor of Installation 04. :slight_smile:

So far, he’s my top-favorite character in the Halo Universe!

Krave cereal. because we all know that’s what chief eats for breakfast.

I know it’s like saying Mario is my favorite Nintendo character, but it’s the Master Chief for me.

Him saying “boo” to the grunt at the beginning of the Gravemind mission will always crack me up. To be fair, Halo 4 and 5 haven’t been my favorite developments for his character, so if things move in a bad direction it would probably change to Noble 6.

Yeah, the Master Chief sounds like an obvious choice. Thel is up there as well.

Considering the vastly expanded characterisation of 343 Guilty Spark/Chakas in the books, I might lean towards him. Zo Resken and Tem’Bhetek are part of my list too for showing an amazing amount of subersive characterisation in relation to others of their group and the fact that the latter is an awesome warrior - a rarity for modern San’Shyuum - who went toe to toe with Rtas’Vadum and lived. Ur-Didact with the evolution of his character and fall from grace in the books makes him a good choice I think as well.

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> Tell me who is you’re favourite halo character

Sgt Johnson because is the best Character in the UNSC faction very funny and motivational

Carter-259. In the end he put the mission before himself.

049 Abject Testament.

The Monitor of Installation 03, although by the time humanity finds Installation 03, he is nowhere to be found.

Shortly before the activation of the Halo Array and functional extinction of the Forerunners, the Monitors of each installation were being certified aboard the Lifeworkers Crèche.

343 Guilty Spark at one moment noted to Abject Testament the loss of the Domain and all historical data pertaining to the Forerunners (TL;DR: The Halo Rings can destroy Precursor creations, the Domain is Precursor in origin).

Abject Testament responded to Spark with one comment: “We deserve to be forgotten”.

Don’t think I could choose between Rtas, Thel, or the gravemind haha, all are equally interesting.
The sangheili seem to have plenty of in game lore, but I’d love to see more stuff about the flood, and the gravemind in particular. If anyones got in depth lore they’d like to share, I’d be glad to hear it!

> 2533274936112700;1:
> Tell me who is you’re favourite halo character

The Primordial. Besides MC of course…

Hard to choose for me because I love a lot of characters. But I guess if I had to choose one, it would be the Arbiter, simply because he’s a villain that was a very high rank within the Covenant, but eventually played a large role in ending the Covenant altogether.

Its a tie between Johnson and Thel 'Vadum for me. It just is.

That is a really hard choice, I guess my favorites (besides Chief) are tied between Jorge-052, Alice-130, and Rtas Vadum.

Others very close behind are Samuel-034, Kelly-087, Thel 'Vadamee, Kat-B320, Carter-A259, and all of the grunts CE-Reach.

-Yoink!- hard for Cortana.