Favourite Halo 4 Armour.

Hey guys was just wondering what Armour you like most on Halo 4.

Sorry if this topic has been done already.

There’s so much to choose from in Halo 4, but nothing that stands out for me. There are a few armor sets I really like like Recruit PRME, Venator, and Aviator, but I just really can’t decide which one is for me or my absolute favourite.

Mine! Lol j/k. I dont really have a fav…i switch armors ALMOST daily / weekly :slight_smile:

Either Rouge or Stalker… Or maybe Pathfinder…



Enforcer FTW…

When I get it


Recruit Prime, CIO Web, Rogue and its skin, Mark VI.

Protector really stands out to me as being the best looking helmet, without a doubt.

Mark IV is always up there. I really enjoy the Deadeye helmet. The EOD helmet in my opinion is awesome. You can make a pretty good storm trooper look alike. Like what was said before, though, I enjoy most all of them and continuously switch up what I’m wearing.

I like deadeye, part of fotus, venator raptor, and some of hazop camo.


Protector helmet you unlock through weapon mastery as well as the chest piece for it. Reminds me of the universal rising sun symbol.

My awesome recruit prime!

i like recon, tracker, raider, and my strider/deadeye helmet.

I like my purple headed warrior.


I am shooting for Gugnir and would like fotus but I am definitely a mix and match.

Mark VI.

One of the only helmets that seems possible for the Spartan to see out of. (I’m looking at you, Wetwork)

And still looks like a human would wear it (I’m looking at you, Pioneer and Locus)